are the masters of this cave, and they are still wandering in the Taixu Cave.

Guo Xiaodie took the tea set to make tea and said with a smile: “Try the tribute tea I brought from the palace. It may not be inferior to Meng Po soup.”
Everyone sat down, and even Anhui Qi shrank in size and turned into a small strange snake, coiled on a stone bench, waiting to drink tea.
While waiting for tea, Xu Ying talked about his experience that night, except that he hid the fact that Guo Xiaodie ran into his bed. He also hid the fact that Feng Xianer met him three thousand years ago.
“Xiao Fengxian said that she saw changes in the world, twisting and spinning, and then she fell into darkness and lost consciousness. When she woke up again, it was today, three thousand years later.”
Xu Ying said, “This thing always makes me feel a little weird. Who sealed the world three thousand years ago? Who has such great power to seal it? Also, this invasion of Naihe, and then the invasion of the underworld, there were many more people on both sides of Naihe out of thin air. New land, could these new lands be the world that was sealed back then?”
When he said this, Yuan Weiyang immediately noticed something strange and said: “Monster Xu, I thought about it, could it be the great seal of heaven and earth mentioned by Feng Xian’er that caused the extinction of Qi Refiners? ”
She woke up the dreamer with just one sentence. Xu Ying, Dazhong and Gan Qi had all ignored this before.
/The decline of Qi Refiners occurred in an even more ancient era, but the extinction of Qi Refiners was probably related to the Great Seal of Heaven and Earth!
“My master disappeared after that big seal. After three thousand years, I never sensed his aura again.”
Dazhong said excitedly, “So, my master may have also been sealed! He and I will definitely meet again! Ah Ying, then I will let you see what a true genius is!”
Xu Ying laughed loudly and complimented: “Master Zhong’s master must be very powerful, and I can’t even flatter him.”
Da Zhong felt a little guilty, and thought to himself: “My master’s talent is not really that little inferior to his, but it’s not much, just a little bit.”
Guo Xiaodie poured tea for them and said with a smile: “If all the Qi Refiners were sealed three thousand years ago, then with the emergence of new lands, wouldn’t those ancient Qi Refiners all come back?”
As soon as she said this, everyone was startled.
Xu Ying stood up, holding the tea cup, looking at the vast world of Taixu Cave, and whispered: “Is a Qi practitioner who has been practicing for three thousand years really still alive?”
If the ancient Qi Refiners were sealed along with that world, would the current world structure change after they come back?
What will happen to today’s aristocratic families, the imperial power that rules the world, and the divine power that rules the underworld?
The big bell rang melodiously and said leisurely: “If the Qi Refiners were sealed along with this world three thousand years ago, then it would explain the mystery of the Qi Refi