tance of about 50 meters. The hit rate is 95%!” Zhang Hua said to Liu Qian with some pride.

tance of about 50 meters. The hit rate is 95%!” Zhang Hua said to Liu Qian with some pride.
“Very good, come with me. We don’t have much time. I’ll tell you as we walk.” Liu Qian led Zhang Hua towards the bridge. After walking a few steps, he turned around and called Zhang Shengli. passed.
“The others are following us twenty meters away and will continue moving forward after receiving my instructions.” Liu Gan said to the others.
“Master Liu, he can’t survive.” A player pointed at the injured player who was 18 or 19 years old and said to Liu Qian. At this time, all the bones on his body had been corroded by the black liquid, turning black and rotten, and the whole person seemed to have lost all sound.
“That’s something that can’t be helped. Who made him run around? In the future, when I don’t ask you to do anything, don’t run around, otherwise I won’t be able to protect you even if I want to.” Liu Gan replied to the player, and at the same time He glanced at the other players who had just disobeyed and ran wildly.
/Those players had very ashamed expressions on their faces. After getting off the bridge, they were all frightened by the noise made by the bridge. They just ran away, completely ignoring Liu Gan’s reminder and stop, and something happened. It resulted in one death and two injuries.
Liu Gan led Zhang Hua and Zhang Shengli towards the bridge. As he walked, Liu Gan explained to Zhang Hua the characteristics of the mutated zombie and his tactics.
/This tactic is very simple, that is, Liu Gan will tie a grenade to the front end of the bamboo spear, and then he will go to the front to attract the attention of the mutant zombie, and let the mutant zombie open its clam shell, while Zhang Hua will take the opportunity to A bamboo spear with a grenade attached was thrown into its clam shell.
“Master Liu, I heard that its clam shell is more than three meters wide when opened. From a distance of more than fifty meters, I will definitely not have any problem if I throw a bamboo spear tied with a grenade into its clam shell. , It should be able to hit with every shot, but the grenade needs to pull the ring to detonate, right?” Zhang Hua asked Liu Qian his question.
“I will find a way to make the grenade detonate at that time.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang Hua. The three of them had already arrived at the predetermined target location. Liu Gan jumped on a car and looked at the bridgehead, and found that the mutated The zombie was still moving this way at a tortuous speed, but when he turned back to do the experiment just now, it only moved about two meters this way. It seemed that its speed was indeed not that slow.
Zhang Shengli had always been curious about what Liu Qian called him over, but when Liu Qian whispered into his ear and told him what he needed to do later, Zhang Shengli couldn’t help but show a look of ecstasy on his face, and his body trembled with excitement. , Liu Qian’s eyes hinted that he didn’t look too out of place.
Liu Gan and the other three pushed some small cars together on the