will give you a heart attack someday?

Just go to death!
Hu San felt envious in his heart. No, he despised Lu Bei, and then said: “The chief steward Lin Fengxian is different. He said he was busy, but you really believed it!”
Lu Bei raised his eyebrows and said, “Big brother, please be gentle and help me raise my posture.”
“Brother Xian wants to hear it, and I’m not afraid to tell you. These are the valuable experiences gained from many years of wandering around the world, that is, you. I would never tell anyone else.”
Hu San said angrily: “We in Wuzhou, whether it is the Huangji Sect or the Xuanyin Division, even in the officialdom of the capital, my brother’s experience can be used.”
/“Quick, don’t leave any ink marks.”
“Before you act, you must think twice.”
“Brother, it’s reasonable!”
Lu Bei nodded repeatedly, saying a little dog official trick every day, which meant that he had failed to learn it.
“Brother Xian, you are just too honest.”
“Who says it isn’t?”
She Zhang:
God is so kind to leave such a bad person to her.
Along the way, Hu San took the trouble to teach Lu Bei the way to be an official. In his opinion, Lu Bei would have a place in Wu Zhou sooner or later with his cultivation qualifications.
Not the elder of Tianjian Sect, nor the status of the great elder of Huangji Sect, but the kind of Imperial Master Taifu and Hu Er.
But before that, Lu Bei was jumping so happily that sometimes it even frightened him to watch.
For example, taking Zhan Lexian captive gave Huangji Sect the opportunity to raise the price, severely humiliating the Tianjian Sect.
No one with any brains can do this kind of work.
If Huangji Sect and Tianjian Sect don’t deal with it, they will have to fight to the death sooner or later. They, Xuanyin Division, can just enjoy themselves by the side. If they get involved, they will only make themselves uncomfortable.
Lu Bei didn’t understand Hu San’s earnest words, and it didn’t matter if he did. Hu San had misunderstood his qualifications.
Again, as long as I level up fast enough, the enemy won’t be able to catch up with me.
Speaking of Mei Wangsu, I wonder if Jing Ji has received any news.
It stands to reason that Liu Ruogu can’t tell whether ‘Lin Buyan’ is real or fake, Jing Ji can definitely see through it at a glance. If he got wind of it and hasn’t contacted him to redeem him yet, does it mean that Tianjian Sect has completely given up on Mei Wangsu? Is this a chess piece?
Tomb Hill.
The lush mountains are dark and almost black. Affected by the local yin, the trees grow twisted and twisted amidst the musty smell of dead branches. From time to time, gray shadows can be seen emerging from the hollows of the trees, or sneaking into the ground, or seeking another way. Hiding in a shadowed corner.
Six shuttles descended, and hundreds of players dressed in Xuanyin Division’s dog skins jumped out of the car, sniffing the musty smell in the air and calling it the sweet smell of the copy.
You don’t need to care about what sand sculpture players think. These p