He said that in the later stage of cultivation, one can also cultivate the eighteen-sided soul banner or the eighteen-sided blood soul banner, forming a world-shattering killing array.
As soon as the killing formation comes out, the gods and demons will be transformed!
Zhang Jian didn’t know if the lack of skills at the back was true, but with all the bullshit being said, there should be some useful information after all.
If Zhang Jian said that he was not tempted by such techniques, he would be lying.
If it doesn’t work, you can also leave it to Zhang Yi to practice.
Zhang Yi is currently making very slow progress on “Nine Chapters of Purity in Tongshan”. He is afraid that he will not be able to reach the two-hundred-year-old limit in the future. He may be able to make some achievements in the art of raising ghosts.
He also glanced at the main hall on the mountain.
As for the huge Xuanyang Golden Body, it has another purpose.
This group of Taoists built these Taoist temples in order to use the power of believers to generate incense, so as to reconcile the ghostly charm in themselves, so as to avoid being back-bitten by ghosts.
After cleaning up the group of Taoists in Yuping Mountain, Zhang Jian returned with the few belongings left in the temple.
His judgment was correct. This group of evil sorcerers raising ghosts was indeed the target of Zhang Yun’s IQ tax.
However, after a period of squandering, only part of Zhang Yun’s defrauded property was left, excluding the silver rewarded to the soldiers, which was only about half.
Fortunately, apart from the money, the batch of wild ginseng was still there, so Zhang Yun was considered a blessing in disguise.
After returning from suppressing the bandits, Zhang Jian was ready to return to the Zhang family.
What he saw and heard outside Yuping Mountain made him wary.
But as long as he is in the Zhang Family Ancestral Hall, he will definitely be safe.
When returning to the city.
Zhang Jian saw a lot of strange things.
Wild beasts fled in all directions, and hundreds of birds flew into the sky.
Countless rats can also be seen on the ground, and snakes and insects are scurrying out of the city from all directions, as if some catastrophe is coming.
“Run away, I’ll leave this place quickly!!”
“The King of Ghosts is coming soon!”
/At this time, Zhang Jian also heard a noisy voice shouting in fear deep underground.
As far as he could see, he also saw groups of rats underground.
Many people at the city gate also saw this scene. They didn’t know what was going on but felt the ominous situation, and rushed towards their homes.
Zhang Jian frowned when he saw this scene. This change made him very alert. At this moment, he suddenly glanced deep into the long street. Just now, he was vaguely aware that someone was observing him secretly. , but upon closer inspection, there was no movement.
He didn’t think it was an illusion.
His spiritual mind has always been extremely sharp.
After thinking about it, he asked many soldiers to speed up and return to the co