ike the master of Niwan Palace to grab a jade slip.

The owner of the Niwan Palace stared at the Zufa, his brain running at high speed, calculating over and over again, looking for the hidden traps in the Zufa.
“There must be a trap, there must be a trap here!”
He whispered, “The Immortal Immortal is ambitious and wants to harvest the people of the world. Waiting for one day when the people of the world are mature, he will harvest all the Qi Refiners who have practiced the ancestral method just like Wei Xu. Hehe, that day will definitely happen. It’s extremely spectacular, with human skins floating everywhere, but what if it’s not a trap?”
/“At that time, Xu Ying will come to kill me!”
/In the capital city of Shenzhou, a dung truck pulling out excrement was parked at the intersection of a busy street, causing people to cover their noses and scatter in all directions. The dung worker is an old man with an unattractive appearance. He is looking around with a jade slip at the moment.
“Exquisite, really exquisite. No, it must be wrong!”
The old man murmured, “There must be a trap hidden here. The Immortal Immortal will definitely not be so kind and spread the true ancestral method. He must be waiting to harvest us. Because it would be me.”
He had a strange look on his face, and his eyes flashed with excitement: “I will do this! But if I don’t practice, when everyone in the world has practiced this ancestral method, anyone can easily cut off my Niwan “Gongdongtian”
His face became full of fear again, a deep fear of Xu Ying.
“He is forcing us to practice the ancestral method that hides his trap! He is going to use this conspiracy to harvest me and turn me into human skin!”
Xuzhou, on a street corner, a vegetable farmer sat in the corner, leaning half of his body against the wall, staring at the jade slip in his hand, his eyes full of fear and unwillingness.
“If I cultivate, all my cultivation and elixirs will be used as a wedding dress for him! If I don’t cultivate, anyone can cut down my Niwan Palace Dongtian. Then I will be weak and will be harvested! Force me, you force me”
He stood up slowly and pulled out the golden pole that was under the vegetables.
In Jingzhou City, the woodcutter who was carrying firewood stopped with a gloomy expression on his face. He took out his ax from the firewood and whispered: “You are forcing me to find you and kill you. Isn’t that right, Immortal Immortal?” ”
At the ruins of the ancient city of Chaoge, the four great businessmen stood up together, pressed down their respective bamboo hats, and walked out together.
“Since the Immortal Immortal forced us to kill him, then we will let him do it!”
At the Haojing ruins, the great Zhou Qi masters were still looking for useful things in the ruins. Taishi Jiang Qi came over with a jade slip and said: “Your Majesty, fellow Taoist Xu is taking the big snake Anchi to challenge the famous sects everywhere. Spreading this kind of jade slips that record the Nuo ancestral law, in the Yuanshou world today, there are not even a thousand