power is not as good as the standard energy, but there is nothing to replenish it. If it is gone, it is really gone. In fact, the best way is to sleep, but at this moment But it’s not a good time or a good place to sleep, so I can only continue to wait helplessly.

Since Pei Jiao could only wait, Pei Jiao had already filled up the standard energy of the violent flame giant ax, so he took out four natural weapons directly from the Netherworld ring. They were the cannons that had been manifested by the huge fort ghost. There were also flutes, organs, and gloves that were later manifested by the human-faced giant wolf. As for the natural weapons and natural armor that were manifested by the robot ghost at the beginning, they were for David and others, so he was too lazy to do so. Saw it.
The capacity of this natural cannon weapon is actually 920! It is indeed a natural weapon manifested by a true devil-level ghost. Its capacity is much greater than that of several natural weapons manifested by a true devil-level ghost at once. Although Pei Jiao does not yet know the power of this cannon. What are the special attributes? But just looking at the capacity and the attack method of the cannon, he can imagine that the power of this cannon must be very huge.
/As for the flute and the organ, both of which had a capacity of just over 200, they were not very good natural weapons, and he didn’t know their properties, so he took a look at them and put them aside casually. Then he looked at them. He turned to the last natural weapon, a glove of wolf skin quality.
I don’t know if this is a natural weapon or natural armor. There are a few metal spikes outside the fist, but when put on the hands, it can enhance the defense. It is probably a rare combination of natural weapons and armor. And the capacity is more than 500, but it is a rare and exquisite product.
Pei Jiao was quite satisfied. These four natural weapons gave him a capacity of more than a thousand at once, and there were two true demon-level ghosts in the core battlefield, especially the most powerful red demon, the light demon. Judging from its level strength, you can imagine that the natural weapons it manifests will definitely not be that bad, and it may not necessarily be possible to directly manifest a natural weapon with a capacity of thousands.
Just as Pei Jiao was playing and inspecting these four natural weapons, and David and others were discussing in low voices the thrilling moments of the previous battle, suddenly there was a thin swishing sound from the smoke in the distance. Soul bodies are no better than ghosts. Their hearing is extremely sensitive, especially after breaking away from the shackles of the physical body. This hearing sensitivity is even directly related to it. Therefore, when a distant sound is heard, except for Yang Dingtian, the rest of the people present are Everyone pulled out their natural weapons and stared at the smoke-filled place.
Not long after, a human voice came from the smoke: “Captain David, is that you?” As he spoke, a man