Less than a minute later, another warning message appeared. In the sight of every member of the Hell Killing Fields family.

Less than a minute later, another warning message appeared. In the sight of every member of the Hell Killing Fields family.
“The one-minute cooldown of Bone Crushing Slash is so cool! It’s so efficient at killing people.” After Liu Qian left a corpse on the ground, he silently approached the next target.
In the mountains and forests, the scattered players in the hell killing field pose no threat to Liu Gan at all. Even without the ability of “Bone Crushing Slash”, Liu Gan can cut them head-on with his rich combat experience. One against three or more, and now the Bone Crushing Slash is so sharp, killing these new players who have just entered the world of trembling is like chopping melons and vegetables.
When six people died in a row in the Hell Killing Field, and even a level 4 elite clan member was quietly beheaded by Liu Qian, the leader of the Hell Killing Field finally couldn’t stand it anymore and issued an order for everyone to withdraw from the forest. , otherwise, this mountain forest will really become their hell killing ground!
/All the tribesmen in the Hell Killing Ground fled from the forest in a hurry. Only now did they know that they had met a high-level player. It was not unjust for the deputy chief Zhang Tiantian to die at the hands of this man! The only blame is that he didn’t have eyes, and he actually took such a strong man as a target for murder.
Is this person from the special forces in the real world? Otherwise, why are you so powerful? It was like a demonic god of murder, approaching silently and then harvesting their lives to its heart’s content.
After killing six people, Liu Qian got eight more chips, two of which happened to be leg chips. He collected a whole set of white equipment and got the solidification bonus of energy protection, making his current armor protection value higher than The previous novice outfit was more than three times higher.
With this white suit and the sharp ‘Bone Slasher’ Liu Qian heading to the safe where the ripper was, those elite zombies would not pose a big threat to him.
The people in the Hell Killing Ground were completely afraid of being killed. They all left the forest and gathered together, discussing in horror what had just happened.
At this moment, Liu Qian, wearing a set of white clothes snatched from the hell killing field and holding an energy knife in his hand, walked out of the forest and appeared more than ten meters away from them.
The problem is that after he came out, he did not take advantage of the gathering of people in the Hell Killing Fields to escape. Instead, he stood there holding the energy knife and looking at the dozens of people here with a provocative expression.
Although he didn’t say anything, the meaning was already obvious. Don’t you want to kill me? I am standing here now, you should come over here!
The tribesmen in the hell killing field didn’t know whether they were frightened or frightened by being beaten. For a moment, no one dared to step forward. They all stood there and looked at Liu Qian in a daze