-level bull head is not like the previous image. Its eyes are lively and its movements are agile. As soon as it lifts up, most of its body sits up straight, and its head immediately passes through the ceiling. This is not the super monster in the soul headquarters. In the electromagnetic room, the soul body can directly penetrate the material in the real world. As a result, the bull’s head sat up straight and was at least five or six meters tall, and his head was penetrated at once.

Then the bull-head roared and seemed to want to stand up. Pei Jiao immediately became anxious and said directly: “Keep your voice down! It’s so late, don’t wake up the little girl!”
/It’s strange to say that Pei Jiao just said it out of necessity, but who knew that Niutou seemed to understand what he said. Instead of standing up, he bent his head and looked at Pei Jiao. Those bull’s-eyes stared straight at Pei Jiao like a lantern. His movements were not unfamiliar at all, and he seemed to be as agile as a ghost.
“Okay! As expected, you can understand what I’m saying. Then release your aura, be careful, and just cover it in this room.” Pei Jiao was stunned for a moment, and suddenly became excited. He said anxiously Said the bull head.
Niu Tou didn’t nod or speak, nor did he express anything. Just a second or two later, the thick angry aura enveloped the entire room, but he didn’t know if the aura exceeded the scope of the room, but Pei Jiao felt it. There was a meaning coming from the bull head, which seemed to mean that the mission was completed.
“Sure enough! Sure enough, this demon-level natural weapon has this attribute compared to ordinary true demon-level weapons. That is, the obsession with the weapon has the obsession left by ghosts. As long as this obsession is refined, If you think, then you can form a ghost with a lower level of strength. By the way, I am not in this bull head, but it can still take shape. Could it be that it uses the standard energy retained in the violent flame giant axe?” Pei Jiao asked himself As he muttered to himself, he kept thinking about the various attributes of the Demon King-level natural weapon. Suddenly, he thought of the standard energy that supported the manifestation of the bull head.
At that moment, Pei Jiao didn’t hesitate, and directly sent out a thought, turning the bull’s head back into a giant flaming axe. The bull’s head lay down on the spot, and its shape slowly changed. After a few seconds, the golden ax shone brightly, and it was extremely huge. The violent flame giant ax appeared on the ground.
Pei Jiao walked directly forward and touched the giant axe. Sure enough, after a quick inspection, it was known that the flaming giant ax had only more than 1,700 standard energy left at this moment. Obviously, it had to be condensed into The bull head also consumes standard energy, but because Pei Jiao is not in it, it consumes the standard energy in the natural weapon.
(It consumes about 18 parts of standard energy per minute, and when this natural weapon is full of energy, it consume