bed directly.

Even the Immortal King knew nothing about it. From Gothe’s notes, the Immortal King only knew that these wood spiritual energy could be used to temper magic weapons.
The array set up by Hull this time was not a simple Tai Chi array.
Like the magic circle, the magic circle of the Han civilization can also be superimposed, but there are not as many types and changes as the magic circle. There are disadvantages but also advantages. The power of the magic circle of the Han civilization is not comparable to that of the magic circle.
When it comes to gathering spiritual energy, although the Tai Chi array has the function of gathering and gathering, it is not the best at it. Tai Chi is good at balancing and harmonizing, and the strongest spirit gathering array should be Liuhe.
There are large tracts of woods and wetlands around Makoniwen. Although the woods are not as dense as those in Cornucopia and Devil’s Mountains, the wood spiritual energy is still quite abundant. It was forcibly gathered by the Six Laws Formation. The abundance of spiritual energy in the small woods is not at all. Not under Elf City.
Of course, Hull is not the kind of person who only takes but does not give. The wooden array among the five elements is very beneficial to the growth of trees, so he added another wooden array to it.
If an elf passes by at this moment, he will definitely regard this place as their holy land.
During the half-month of waiting for the trees to grow, the work of hiring servants and decorating the interior was going on at the same time.
There are very few servants who are willing to come to Makonivan, and even fewer servants who are willing to work for Hull. As long as they live nearby and know something about the things here, almost all of them regard this family as being possessed by bad luck.
If you can’t find it locally, you have to go to other places to look for it. Fortunately, there is no shortage of people in Belu. However, Hull was not very reassured about the newly recruited people. At least one of them was a member of the secret police and should have been sent to monitor him. Hull was not surprised by this. This kind of thing was normal in the Beru Empire.
Anna and Shirley were not brought here by him. This is Makoniwen, not Sherloot, and Anna and Shirley have not received special training. It is hard to say whether their flaws will be exposed as time goes by.
Hull had almost no involvement in the interior decoration. He spent a lot of money to hire a very famous architect from Versailles, so he didn’t need to worry about anything. All he had to do was sign the check.
These leisurely days continued until Miss An Qi arrived.
Along with Miss An Qi, there was another character that annoyed Hull, and that was Grand Duke Varedi.
The Grand Duke was not invited. In fact, no one would invite this guy, but he came anyway. He secretly followed Miss An Qi.
/When he appeared in Makoniwen, everyone, including Martin, was stunned. It was obvious that even the secret police department did not know whe