ect grade kryptonite’ could be produced there, and he didn’t leave the treasure ‘pregnant stone’ there just for some ‘top-grade kryptonite’.

Besides, after the promotion of his clone, there is no need to consume the ‘top kryptonite’.
/For safety, David put the black dragon Alexis and all the clones into the ‘artifact space card’ with a wave of his hand.
His figure continuously used ‘Space Rush’ and activated the ‘Underground Stealth’ talent, returning to the ‘Godly World Safe Point’ five hundred meters underground on Garmi Star.
David selected the ‘space coordinates’ of the ‘Zerg World Safe Point’ and activated the space wormhole.
He dodged into the space wormhole, and when he reappeared, he came to the familiar ‘safe spot in the Zerg world’.
David summoned the five clone clones from the ‘Artifact Space Card’. Like last time, he used the ‘Artifact Knight Sword’ to slice open the palms of the five clone clones.
The wounds on the palms of the five clones were connected to allow each other’s blood to communicate.
The ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’ absorbs the power of faith around it, and a trace of divine power is generated in the clone’s body. Since the clone is now a demigod, the body is semi-energetic, so it can accept the strengthening of divine power.
However, it is obvious that the promotion of demigods is not easy. Even if the divine power is transformed by the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’, the process is extremely slow.
David also has some understanding of the realm of demigods, like the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’, who belongs to the early stage of the realm of demigods.
The five demigod clones are far behind even this elementary level. Judging from the speed of strengthening the divine power transformed by the ‘Emperor Level Heritage Pattern’, it will take at least half a year to catch up with the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’.
In David’s view, this speed is already extremely slow, but the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ consumed a large amount of the temple’s top resources, and even used the massive power of faith reserved by the gods, and it took a hundred years to reach this level. Beginner level of demigod.
If there were no resources provided by a super powerful force like the Temple that controlled a world, relying on the background of a top noble, not to mention whether he could reach the demigod level, even if he reached the demigod level, there would be no resources for him to improve.
David’s current wealth was obtained by robbing several top nobles. However, this net worth may seem like a lot, but it cannot sustain the cultivation of a demigod.
Despite David’s fame and reputation in the world of gods, his real income is still very small, and in terms of top resources, he can only rely on the resources allocated as a lord.
Fortunately, in the next allocation of top-level resources, the Divine World will give him a double share of the allocation. Because Lord Haro is here, Lord Haro also has a top-level noble allocation right.
David, who was paying attention to the training of the f