ll the most powerful person of the demon clan this way, his identity is naturally ancient and scary.

“No.” The giant demon Gu Sanming denied. He discovered at a glance that they were coming from the direction of Jedi.
“Back then, we explored the deepest secrets of Eternal Silence, narrowly escaped death, and when we came back, we fought with the creatures on the other side. We were indeed dying, trapped in a desperate situation, and forced to sleep.”
Several hazy figures came over, and the leader explained. They recovered from the dead and now officially meet Wu, Dao and other saints secretly.
His ancestor, Yuan, was considered to be one of the three strongest elders in the first generation of the Old Saints, and together they were the leaders in their early years.
If Mamoru, the old boy from the Extraordinary Center, appeared here, he would definitely recognize the creatures he detected through the “pool”.
When the Jedi first recovered, “Yuan” failed to enter the extraordinary center, and then ran to the edge of the Land of Eternal Silence to write a memorial, which was observed by the watcher.
“The descendants are terrible, Tao, Wu, you are very strong. When you reconcile, is it the time to reunite?” Yuan said, and I have to say that he is indeed very powerful, and he can see through part of the essence at a glance.
“A group of old immortals, all monsters. They were really reckless and careless. They were born hastily, just in time for the situation to change.” Behind the crowd, Wang Zesheng had an expressionless face. This time he came out of the mother universe, which really opened his eyes.
“Wu” spoke calmly: “Only part of the old saint has died. I feel that those of you who survived are imitating the gods and giant beasts, and also want to hide in the rear.”
“Yes” was even more direct, saying: “You came uninvited, so of course we have your people here, so you must have known about it secretly.”
Yuan said: “Don’t get me wrong, the old saints and the new saints together form the prosperous age of saints. When we come together, we can be considered a complete great era, which can stand shoulder to shoulder with the dynasties of gods and giant beasts, and complement each other.”
“Wu” asked: “Where is Ma?”
/“Tao” turned into a human being, also frowning, and said: “He once passed through the sky from the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century, and then swooped towards your Jedi. Why did he disappear in the end?”
Another blurry figure appeared next to Yuan. He showed a solemn look and said: “Ma, it should be that the true body has been reorganized. The extraordinary center, the old center before the 23rd century, and the Jedi have merged into one. We feel that he is like a trinity. He went crazy for a moment, then fell completely silent. He seemed worried, and at the last moment, he silently rushed into the deep space and disappeared quickly.”
Yuan said: “There are no more than two destinations, one is the real place, and the other is the ‘unknown’ chasing the extraordinary center. Ma should h