ad to step back and take a look.

The creature shook the shackles, and the texture of the royal path intertwined, and he staggered back a few steps.
“That’s great. Hey, Wang, the new leader has suppressed that dangerous monster.” Gou Sheng was very surprised.
However, Wang Xuan accelerated his retreat, and his sense of the world’s six-level breakthrough revealed the truth. In fact, the monster did not suffer any substantial damage, but its body was just shaking.
The more unwilling things are to happen, the more likely they are to happen. Obviously, this monster is not bound by the “rough rules” here. What restricts him is just unclear consciousness.
With a bang, his right hand reached out to the outside world, extinguishing the feathered light rain, ignoring any attacks. The palm covered the entire mysterious land, it was too big.
Wang Xuan’s figure disappeared, and the great escape in the land-breaking realm was launched. In a moment, truth and falsehood were reversed, and he could travel through the world and return to his own secret road.
/In the secret world, time and space were discontinuous, intermittent, there was light everywhere, and there were cracks everywhere. It was time and space that were shattered at the same time, and the scene was horrifying.
The shackled creature was so powerful that it was impossible to resist it.
“Are you the giant under the extraordinary source No. 1? You collapsed on the secret road to return to true nature. Part of your true body escaped and part of your body remained here?” Wang Xuan communicated with him in a single line, and a series of special spiritual ripples came from With his forehead popping up so that others could not intercept, he demonstrated to this person the true form of the giant locked under the extraordinary source that he had seen in the past.
The humanoid creature that had just walked out of the secret path of the branch line, its slightly sober consciousness, suddenly shone violently and frighteningly, and then it roared loudly and hit the broken time and space with its head. Finally, it went crazy and rushed back to the secret path. On the road.
“King, he is indeed a true king?” Bai Li was shocked and couldn’t believe her eyes.
She could see clearly that at the last moment, the “King’s” spiritual realm sent out layers of mysterious ripples. They seemed gentle, but a simple touch of the muddle-headed and powerful man caused him to collapse and rush back to the secret road.
/“Zhong” was also shocked. He was lost in thought. Is this really an unfathomable old monster and not the “newcomer” he suspected?
Gou Sheng’s heart trembled violently. Is this really going to be confirmed? A true king will come and become the leader who will bow his head and be unable to resist for the rest of his life?
Wang Xuan frowned. The opponent’s true conduct and strength were definitely beyond the ordinary. Neither the laws of the mysterious world nor the avenue of balance could restrain him. The gap between the two was actually very large.
If the opponent was consc