irl is so arrogant!

“I will give you some more bottles and cans in exchange for these two steel plates.” Wang Xuan took out part of the trophies and told them that they were touched from the dead. They need to be careful to verify and try to know what they are. use.
He fastened two slender steel plates to his arms.
/He always felt that the man who jumped into the river would not die. After all, he had mastered the art of vajra, and the monsters in the water probably couldn’t bite him to death.
If this person returns to the team and informs those people about his situation in detail, then hopefully there will be a “steel plate surprise” when they meet again.
“Be careful.” Wang Xuan turned and left.
Zhong Cheng said to himself: “This guy is getting more and more confident. What is he going to do alone?”
Then, he whispered again: “Sister, when he complimented you just now, were you pretending to be calm and silent?”
After Zhong Qing heard this, she immediately wanted to pick up a steel plate and hit him, saying, “I’m almost mad at him!”
Suddenly, Zhong Qing’s beautiful big eyes narrowed. She raised the steel plate that Wang Xuan returned and looked at the sun carefully.
She saw blood!
Although it has been treated, you can still find clues when facing the sun, including almost invisible blood threads, but there is no blood in the sting of the poisonous bee!
“Sister, what are you looking at?” Zhong Cheng asked.
“What’s the smell on the steel plate?” Xiao Zhong asked him to smell it.
“What else can it smell like? It smells like a man. Sister, don’t you know it? Are you really attracted to Xiao Wang? I also want to introduce you to Lao Wang. A grandmaster in his early twenties will definitely be extraordinary in the future! Ah, stop it!”
boom! boom! boom
Wang Xuan chose to turn his back on the direction in which the Xinxing expedition members fled, and left obvious footprints of a person of his level.
The most important thing is that he took the two men and women he killed and threw them on the road several miles apart.
This is a provocation. Tell those people clearly what path he has taken. Come on!
He walked around in the forest, making a big circle, and then killed them in the direction of the group of people!
If that group of people is already on the road, then follow him in circles.
If that group of people hadn’t set out yet, then he would join in and see what extraordinary herbs there were and act according to the opportunity.
That group of people was not difficult to find, because the three masters left too many traces when they tracked them down.
The Grand Master took one step, at least ten meters away, and ran so fast that the ground was trampled and exploded.
An hour later, he climbed over the mountains and swamps and found traces of the group of people.
/This group of people are really bold. The strange objects they want to pick are near the extraordinary lair. Do they want to provoke an extraordinary monster?
There are abundant vegetation and dense forests nearby, but the place where the