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She was a little disappointed, as expected
Liu Changan was stunned for a moment, “Aren’t you hot?”
“Hot.” Bai Hui’s voice trembled slightly.
Liu Changan quickly retracted his hands. He rubbed his hands until they were hot. The temperature was extremely high. In such a cold weather, he could avoid it in a matter of seconds. It made her scream in surprise.
Bai Hui also retracted her hand, silently took out a pair of cute bear gloves from her bag and put them on.
“Ah” Bai Hui suddenly opened his mouth slowly and let out a scream without much sincerity.
“What’s wrong?” Liu Changan was confused.
“Don’t you just want to see others being fooled and then being frightened and screaming?” Bai Hui opened her mouth again, “Ahhh, it’s burnt. Are you satisfied?”
Liu Changan rarely felt embarrassed, so he rubbed his hands.
“Ahhh” Bai Hui struck back reluctantly, wanting her to scream in surprise? Let you hear enough.
Liu Changan sighed.
“Ah oh goose” Bai Hui walked beside Liu Chang’an, not looking at the road, but craning her neck and letting out various frightened sighs towards him.
“Okay, I was wrong, I was wrong.” Liu Changan raised his hand and pushed her face away. It was unbearable to keep blowing on his face. “Stop screaming.”
Bai Hui then snorted a little arrogantly, with the corners of her mouth raised slightly, feeling a little proud, and her cheeks were warm. Generally speaking, when two people get along, he is no longer the only one teasing her. It’s no longer just him teasing her around and making her gnash her teeth in anger. What does it mean when he starts to be punished by her?
If it were before, he would probably grab her hand, take off her gloves with cute bear patterns, mash them into a ball and stuff them into her mouth to stop her from screaming.
When someone can talk about physics, this person may not be able to talk about reason.
What does it mean when someone can’t reason with him and he doesn’t know how to use physical means?
Maybe she really is the daughter of God. Bai Hui raised her head and looked at the sky, then turned to look at him, showing the most beautiful smile in nineteen years.
/Liu Changan sent Bai Hui to the downstairs of Baolong Center. After all, he was a weak, stupid and easy to attract wolves.
When he returned home, Shangguan Dandan was still sitting under the electric heating table watching TV. After Zhou Dongdong went home to go to bed, Shangguan Dandan occupied the distinguished seat under the electric heating table, and then found that sitting here was warm. It was really comfortable to wrap myself in a quilt and I didn’t want to move at all.
“What time is it?” Liu Changan asked, like a parent asking a child to go to bed, with an air of as if the other person’s crime was unforgivable.
“Time means nothing to me. I can see whatever time I want to see.” As Shangguan Dandan spoke, he quietly stretched out his leg and put it in front of Liu Changan, trying to trip him up.
Unfortunately, Liu Changan stood still and asked incomprehensibly: “You already have two