head in.]

This is unreasonable. He will not take the blame.
Lu Bei hummed twice and told Dragon King Ao Yi that if any of Daxia’s disciples came to the door, they could just mention the name of Emperor of Heaven. After giving the instructions, he turned around and left without saying anything, and angrily rushed to the place of abandonment.
“Why are you smiling so happily?”
“I feel that the young sect leader is magnanimous, and Qi Li is happy to surrender.” Qi Li Jing nodded in praise, admiring the scheming Lu Bei very much.
Demon Lord, Demon God, Emperor of Heaven, if he were the Great Heavenly Lord, Lu Bei would be the first choice for returning vessel.
This is sure!
What do you mean, mocking Lu for his love?
Please open your eyes and see clearly. Maybe it wasn’t clear before, but it really wasn’t this time!
Lu Bei was so angry that he wrote down the ugly face of the Abandonment Sutra in a small book, hoping that one day he could get it back a hundred times.
The two left the Dragon Palace territory and headed eastward, both of them invincible. The pace was so fast that ordinary monks could hardly imagine it. In almost one step, they arrived at a hazy sea of ??fog.
Qi Lijing stood in front of the sea of ??fog, shaking his head, pretending to calculate for a while, and said cheerfully: “As expected, fellow Taoist Yun has already entered.”
/The fog that shrouded the Immortal Island is the same thing as the fog that shrouded the Immortal Mansion Continent in the past. It can be obtained by practicing the “Demon Slaying Platform” the secret method of the Immortal Realm, and it can be called “Beyond the Three Realms”.
Not in fairyland, not in the human world, not in the underworld.
/Combined with the ‘Tomb of Heaven and Earth’, it has the miraculous effect of sealing it for ten thousand years. It can create a secret realm of its own, making it escape from the Three Realms and not be observed by the current Heavenly Book. It can truly jump out of the Three Realms.
When a cultivator enters the fog, his spiritual perception is weakened to the limit, and he cannot see his fingers, and entry and exit depend entirely on luck.
Even if you are invincible in the Golden Immortal Realm, if you enter it rashly, there is still a risk of losing your way.
But that’s it, just getting lost. If you spend more time, you will definitely reach your destination.
Not wanting to waste time, Qi Li Jing raised his five fingers and summoned a token, which was exactly the same as the ‘Seal of Immortality’, one of the three sacred artifacts of Xiong Chu that Lu Bei once held.
This treasure came from practicing “Beyond the Three Realms”. Just like the two magical skills of Demon Slaying Platform and Immortal Killing Sword, it can be materialized. The token is the key to entering and exiting the fog. Lu Bei can now also create his own Immortality Seal.
“Young Master, please.” Qi Li Jing was not in a hurry to enter, but raised his hand to let his allies go first.
Lu Bei was not willing to listen to him and shouted at the top of h