ed, and the ancestor’s magical powers were immediately broken. Yin Yuanzi defeated the strong with the weak, and was able to break his magical powers, but failed to make any achievements.

The distant ancestor was staggered and was shocked: “Immortal magical power? The power of his immortal magical power is far superior to mine!”
After he reached the realm of immortality, there was no one else who could compete with him, and it was difficult for his magical powers to advance further.
Yin Yuanzi met the attacks of the ancestors, Emperor Mingxun, Lu Yiren and Shengzun. He used all his moves to fight head-on with the ancestors, without falling behind at all.
/Xu Ying then activated the Zhuxian Sword, with murderous intent, and went straight towards Yin Yuanzi’s Tianyin Cave Abyss, preparing to break through his abyss first.
The sword light stretched for tens of thousands of miles, piercing into the hidden cave abyss of the sky. It stirred with force, as if stirring the sea. Wherever the sword light passed, the fairy mountains were destroyed one after another.
Yin Yuanzi was shocked and angry. He realized that Dongyuan was damaged and his cultivation was declining, so he immediately abandoned everyone and went straight to Xu Ying.
Everyone hurriedly chased after him, but only the ancestor gods and distant ancestors could keep up with him.
Cave Abyss is Yin Yuanzi’s Dao realm, where the Dao marks the world. If Xu Ying breaks his Cave Abyss and destroys his Dao realm, it will definitely be a huge blow to him!
Yin Yuanzi knocked the ancestor god backwards with one palm, and fought the ancient ancestor with a move. Then he activated his immortal magical power and struck him with one palm. He saw the Yin Avenue of the sky rushing forward, forming a brilliant scene of billions of stars bursting out.
Although it is brilliant, this scene represents extinction, and the existence of the immortal realm is extremely powerful.
The Zhuxian Remnant Sword also sensed the approaching danger, and the sword’s intention burst out. Wherever the edge passed, all the stars were shattered.
At the same time, the distant ancestor came to kill, mobilized the power of Yuanhai, activated his magical power, and attacked Yin Yuanzi’s back heart!
Yin Yuanzi had a green face and raised his other hand to meet his attack, but the real power was still on Xu Ying!
The broken sword split Yin Yuanzi’s magical power, but then billions of stars came crushing towards him. Xu Ying tried his best to dance the sword, but it was still difficult to resist. He suddenly stepped on the long river of time and ran away.
Yin Yuanzi’s fatal blow still came, Xu Ying stepped on the long river, and used the power of time to consume the power of this blow, but he was still shocked to the point of vomiting blood, and the long river of time shattered!
Xu Ying flew away and hit the ground with a loud bang, making a huge deep pit in the ground and remained motionless.
“A worthy death!”
Yin Yuanzi was so shocked by his distant ancestor that he vomite