f the impact. His feet became unsteady and he rolled and fell all the way down, finally stopping at the edge of a large river.

He staggered to his feet. Since he ascended the throne, has he ever been so embarrassed?
As soon as the Immortal Emperor stood up, he coughed up blood again and almost fell.
When he was coughing up blood, he could only hear bursts of crying coming from his mouth, which made his hair stand on end.
“We must refine the Tao crying in our body!”
He was looking for a safe place to hide when he suddenly saw a fat old man with a big belly walking out of the valley. Wasn’t it the Saint Luo who was severely injured by him?
“He is also healing here?”
The face of the Supreme Immortal Emperor suddenly changed. Luo Shengren’s injuries had improved a bit. As the saying goes, enemies are extremely jealous when they see him. Seeing him in such a mess, they immediately came to kill him.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor turned around and ran away without thinking, while Saint Luo chased after him, shouting: “My dear nephew, come and have a good argument with Uncle Luo!”
The two of them flew away through the sky one after another. When the Immortal Emperor flew to a magnificent and extraordinary holy mountain, he saw the misty glow on the holy mountain. The ancestor god was sitting among the clouds and clouds. His body was huge, standing tall on the sky and the earth, holding up the sky.
“The Ancestral God is maintaining the territory of heaven, so as not to be overwhelmed by the darkness and have no time to deal with us!”
When the Supreme Immortal Emperor thought of this, he accidentally saw the gate of the holy mountain and was shocked: “Shiquan Dao Sect! There really is a Shiquan Dao Sect!”
The two of them fled quickly, one after the other, and in the Shiquan Dao Gate, a large bell with a dragon head had two eyes, which were rotating slowly, staring at the two of them intently.
“Master Long, Master Long!”
/Da Zhong shouted, “Are that fat man and that tall old man the ones who plotted against you? They seem to be injured!”
Dalong immediately became energetic and took one of his eyes to observe. He was surprised and delighted: “He is indeed injured!”
Dazhong suggested: “Why don’t we go over and see if we can get a bargain?”
They hit it off immediately and immediately roared out, heading straight for the Immortal Emperor Supreme and Saint Luo.
/Next to the green rock, Xu Ying finished his sermon again.
The old man Jing Ming glanced at Ming Wangsun, Ming Wangsun understood, and the two of them disappeared in a flash.
Taoist Taiyuan’s groan could be heard in the distance. Within a few moves, Taoist Taiyuan was severely injured and fled in a hurry, rushing towards the territory of Heaven.
Taoist Taiyuan rushed into the realm of Heavenly Dao and saw a scene that shocked him extremely.
I saw that the Dragon Bell of the Ancestral God was killing everyone, chasing the Supreme Immortal Emperor, Saint Luo and the Taoist Master of the Nine Palaces. Jiugong Daojun and Yuji were both injured. They hid in the