h fear.

Arriving in Li Hongfang’s room, Shangguan Dandan opened his eyes in a daze, slid down from Liu Changan’s back and looked around, then turned to look at Li Hongfang, “Are you the ghost we want to catch today?”
“No, no.” Li Hongfang waved her hands quickly, “Empress Dowager, I am also going to catch ghosts.”
“Oh.” Shangguan Dandan shifted his attention and his eyes fell on the TV on the wall.
Li Hongfang was very discerning and immediately turned on the TV, pulled it out from the wall, adjusted the angle to face the sofa, and then invited Shangguan Dandan to sit on the sofa and watch TV.
Shangguan Dandan actually didn’t want to watch TV. She was just interested in the TV, or to be precise, the bracket behind the TV.
“I want this!” Shangguan Dandan pushed the TV into the wall and pulled it out. After trying it a few times, he pointed at the TV wall bracket and shouted to Liu Changan.
“Okay, I’ll disassemble it for you right away.” Li Hongfang volunteered to open her tool box. Her tools for installing cameras are also suitable for disassembling this bracket.
/Both the TV set and the stand belong to the hotel. Li Hongfang only has the right to use them, but it doesn’t cost much to pay one to the hotel, but it can make Shangguan Dandan happy.
“Stop it.” Liu Changan called to Li Hongfang. Why did these people always obey Shangguan Dandan’s words? He was more obedient and obedient than when he faced Liu Changan.
Shangguan Dandan raised his hand and was surprised to find that he had forgotten to bring the thermos, so he had to continue to pull the TV out of the wall and push it back.
If you have this, you can watch TV from a more comfortable angle whether you are lying on the bed in the room downstairs or sitting under the electric heating table in the living room upstairs!
/“This thing is sold everywhere. I’ll buy one for you.” In order to get Shangguan Dandan to cooperate tonight, Liu Changan had to use a TV stand to appease her.
Shangguan Dandan walked to Liu Changan contentedly, held his arm and sat next to him, restoring his elegant and upright posture. The way he loudly asked for things just now might be a bit childish, and he must be forgotten quickly.
Since he was going to catch ghosts today, Liu Changan could not help but think of “Zi Buyu” which he read in the second semester of his senior year of high school when he had something to do. “Zi Buyu” is taken from “Zi Buyu has strange power and confuses the gods”, and Yuan Mei’s “Zi Buyu” tells all kinds of ghosts, monsters and supernatural stories throughout the book.
Liu Changan glanced at the zombie old lady next to him. She was trying to maintain an upright posture and her eyes were staring straight ahead. Only Liu Changan could notice that she was tilting her head to the left and back again in a very small amount. She was in a very bad mood. Happy look.
“Why are you looking at me?” Sensing Liu Changan’s gaze, Shangguan Dandan stopped his little movements and turned his head to look at Liu Changan majestically.
“You have been in the coffin fo