very strong. Although he was led by the opponent and entangled by the runes of order, he was strong enough during the confrontation with that person.

People from the three major organizations hunted him together.
However, what surprised them was that the Golden Horned King was so fast that the horn on his head hung in the void and disappeared far away before reappearing.
This is Wang Xuan’s initial experience of embarking on the road of imperial transformation in the realm of true immortals. The golden horn now has those runes condensed on it, which can break through the air at extremely high speeds.
During this process, when the two were fighting fiercely, Mo Qing suddenly let out a shrill scream. He was pierced through the chest by the “Golden Horn King”‘s horn that emitted mysterious runes and was picked up.
With a pop, Wang Xuan shook his head, and the man was torn into pieces, exploding into the void, and even his soul was destroyed.
Wang Xuan was in a trance for a while, and took the initial step on the road of Yudao transformation. Although the runes were very unstable, after they were successfully realized just now, their power was really strong!
He quickly killed a core disciple of Jinque Palace, and even the regeneration technique Mo Qing mastered could not be effectively used to revive himself.
“What?!” A group of people in Jinque Palace were shocked and helped to stop the enemy. As a result, one of their direct descendants died!
Wang Xuan escaped again, this time disappearing more completely. He finally got rid of the group of people and disappeared in the boundless frozen forest.
“After all, I’m not strong enough. If I were a heaven-level master and broke the limit many times, I could sweep all my opponents by myself.” He reflected.
However, now he has obtained the Five-Colored Strange Bamboo, which is an incredible rare thing that contains the innate power of the five elements.
/Wang Xuan feels that he does not need to spend more than ten years. With this thing in hand, he should be able to improve his realm again in the near future. In addition, the road to imperial transformation can also be expanded.
He escaped all the way, and when he reappeared, he put on tattered clothes stained with living corpse plasma, became Kong Xuan, the second king of Five Elements Mountain, and walked towards the exit.
As we approach the exit, we once again feel the awkward bending of light, and we can see our own back.
“Everything has an omen.” Wang Xuan said to himself. Here, the body of the real immortal was torn apart, and everyone was blurred and their bodies were weak. This was an advance reflection of some essence of the secret realm of time and space.
Many people were speechless and covered in blood. Some extraordinary people still had broken monster claws stuck in their bodies and had not had time to pull them out.
Many people remained permanently on the frozen soil behind them, torn apart by the mutated living dead, and some of the miserable ones were even eaten alive.
At the exit, Wu