to take it out of the moon crater. Otherwise, he would be buried with those mysterious creatures. Just thinking about it made him scared.

“Based on so many years of observation, the creatures in the moon crater should be related to the spiritual body. I think that if you want to bring Yunfeng out, you need to find someone with strong spiritual power to go in.” The person next to Qin Hong spoke and checked specifically. Various documents dating back more than a hundred years provide a detailed understanding of every horrific incident.
Qin Hong had returned to his residence. He was in a terrible mood and said with a cold face, “Where can I find such a person in such a short period of time?”
“Among the security experts and special advisors organized in the Lunar Branch, there are probably a few people with high mental power who can mobilize them.”
“This group of warriors all retreated when it was time to show their worth. These people are not as reliable as the mountain guarding dogs at my feet!” Qin Hong emotionally kicked out the mountain guarding dogs in front of him.
The cronies around him didn’t dare to speak out, and it would be easy to make mistakes if they spoke too much at this time.
After a long time, Qin Hong regained his composure, looked at the people around him, and said, “Go put pressure on me again!”
Soon, major organizations began to mobilize their own internal security experts and special agents, telling them clearly that the Qin family had once again increased the reward.
The Qin family is a big customer of organizations like Dingwu, so they are indeed making serious arrangements and contacting some veterans, but no one responds.
After all, the branch on the moon is a regular company, not mercenaries maintained by major organizations on other desolate planets, nor are they dead soldiers, so these people on the moon don’t have any good ideas.
Soon after, relevant organizations received notice that the Qin family wanted to meet with security experts and special agents.
There can be six or seven organizations that can provide security services on the moon. Hundreds of security experts and special consultants are invited to an auditorium.
/Even “parallel imports” like Qin Cheng are here.
Of course, after he successfully collected Qi and internally nourished it, he could barely be regarded as the lowest level safety expert.
Qin Hong came, feeling endless sadness, and sighed: “I know that you are all elites in the industry, and some of my friends are even top practitioners. It is really disturbing to invite you here so presumptuously. However, please understand. The grief and pain of a father who has just lost his child.”
Qin Hong’s voice was low, with pain hidden in his words. He acted sincerely and kept his posture low.
/Wang Xuan was surprised. If he hadn’t formed the spiritual realm, he had heard Qin Hong’s cold words from a distance, but now he really couldn’t see through this person.
At that time, when he was far away from everyone, Qin Hong said in front of his cronies that a group of