ting for recovery. It needs a large amount of extraordinary factors to turn into an eye of the sea and swallow everything related to the extraordinary.” The mobile phone wonders said another thing kind of speculation.

No matter you are in the sea of ??origin or in the deep space of the universe, as long as you go through the true holy tribulation, this kind of vortex will appear on time.
Outside the vortex, the fragments of prohibited items and the remains of the true saint rotating together are enough to strangle strangers, not to mention the silent whirlpool.
Silently, a large area of ??the Origin Sea dried up and was swallowed up!
Then, the underwater dragon palace appeared, huge and boundless. Some palaces were only one, larger than a city. This was the sea palace of the Dragon Saint centuries ago.
The continuous palaces are combined together to stretch as far as the eye can see. This is a place comparable to the true saint’s monastery in the world.
But now, in a world without sound, those temples made of extremely precious materials are all collapsing and shattering.
/This ruins still retains part of the magic circle, and it still has top power, but now even if the imperial runes are activated, it is of no use.
The vortex of the avenue swallowed up everything!
Finally, the Tribulation Crosser on the bottom of the sea moved. He could no longer hide his true identity and fled to other sea areas.
Faced with this kind of natural disaster, the Tribulation Riders can only escape. They don’t even want to mess with an old monster like Jie Dao from 23rd century ago, let alone a “novice”?
Wang Xuan finally saw its true form. It was densely covered with scales and boundless. The smallest scale was bigger than a planet. This behemoth stirred up the Sea of ??Origin, desperately filling the colorful divine sea into the whirlpool.
The origin sea itself is not an ordinary substance. It has mythological properties and a strong Taoist charm. Coupled with the immeasurable sea, it is indeed suitable for filling the Taoist vortex.
In the distance, Wang Xuan’s whole body was cold, his mental thinking was “frozen”, and his mind went blank. He had this experience as soon as the monster who had transcended the True Holy Tribulation was born.
When he recovered, he muttered to himself: “The gap is really too big. Let alone confrontation, I would probably be crushed by its natural radiation if I stood in front of it.”
Now he can look directly because the strange object on the mobile phone glows slightly, offsetting the terrifying Dao Yun. Although the monster’s body is erupting with all its strength and emitting the light of rules, it cannot affect him at the moment.
At the same time, he realized that Mobile Phone Strange Object was indeed very low-key on weekdays and never exploded like that.
“Is it a dragon?” Wang Xuan stared at the huge figure going away.
It will overturn the entire sea of ????origin. There are countless big waves, and the Taoist rhymes of the tribulation evaders are intertwined, intertwining like a spi