ven by curiosity.

ven by curiosity.
Reach out!
As for our protagonist Han Xuan, he went to bed very late last night and is still asleep at the moment and does not know all this.
When Anya told him about this incident a few years later, Han Xuan realized that he had been “tainted” by her when he was very young.
Then he naturally asked her to take responsibility.
It was still a sunny day today, and the sun was baking the earth.
We were originally scheduled to set off at six in the morning. Taking advantage of the cool weather, we walked to the next campsite and left directly.
However, Han Xuan slept in, which disrupted his plan last night. He didn’t know what happened in the morning, so he calmly washed up and enjoyed breakfast.
Through the restaurant window, looking at the scenery outside that had become distorted due to the high temperature, Han Xuan struggled internally for a few seconds, and said with a firm tone: “I can’t walk anymore! The
blisters on my feet haven’t healed yet. Today We can’t go any further.
Call a helicopter and when it’s ready, we’ll come back to the Grand Canyon to conquer it.
This time I gave in and it conquered me.
What do you think, Anya?
What’s wrong with you today? You look weird. Weird, are you too tired?”
“Well, that’s right, just like you said.”
Anya blushed.
She actually lied, and after saying that sentence, she silently begged God for mercy in her heart.
/As for what she did that morning, God knows,
the ambulance helicopter that was on standby at the starting point 24 hours a day quickly arrived and took them back to the northern entrance of the Grand Canyon three times.
Then drive southwest toward California.
Instead of going back to Los Angeles, we went directly to Monterey Bay. We set off in the morning and didn’t arrive until the evening.
/The sea is an extremely huge natural air conditioner. It is most comfortable to come to California’s Seventeen Mile Bay in the summer.
In the evening, the waves became bigger and many people were surfing and swimming in the sea. People from the rescue team were driving speedboats around to prevent accidents.
A few years ago, there was a shark bite incident in Monterey Bay, so the local area also strengthened prevention. They can only play in the sea area where anti-shark nets have been laid.
Now, most of Seventeen Mile Bay in California has been acquired by a Japanese. Even Pebble Beach, the best golf course in the world, has been bought by the Japanese for hundreds of millions of dollars. Became the private domain of the Japanese.
Tourists need to pay an eight-dollar fee to visit Shiqili Bay. Most attractions in the United States are open to the public free of charge. This approach has caused dissatisfaction among many people.
But the Japanese’s attitude was very tough, which resulted in the number of people coming to Shiqili Bay in the past few years.
Gamble Marine Ranch is also part of Seventeen Mile Bay.
Logically speaking, the profits generated from the sale of tickets should be shared with Han Xuan.