ple feel like he was about to die.

“You have gone too far. You have sent clones again and again into the void of the outside world. Do you want to attack Xu Fu, or do you want to kill that kid? You will not live for evil!” said the woman in the shadow, joining forces with the man, towards the hiding place. Kill the true form of the most powerful person in the distance!
In the interior scene, there is a near-real accumulation of silver material, like white snow, and purple material also falls from the void, peaceful and mysterious.
Wang Xuan returned here and saw that the fighting in the Great Barrier was not so fierce. He began to immerse himself in his own world and study those strange scriptures.
At this moment, Chen Yongjie, Liu Huaian, and Zhao Qinghan all heard the chirping of cicadas. They couldn’t help being surprised and couldn’t help but look back.
/Wang Xuan is sitting in the depths of the interior, and a golden cicada vaguely appears. It represents new life, and it chirps there, like the sound of the great road echoing.
On its golden back, a vague gap appeared, with ripples of chaos. A new cicada seemed to be gestating and would break out of its shell at any time.
“The effect of the Golden Cicada Kung Fu is different from that of Lao Zhong!” Chen Yongjie was immediately surprised. When he was in the Dixian City deep in the secret land, he had witnessed with his own eyes that Lao Zhong turned into a “big rice dumpling.” , there are various kinds of horny substances outside the body, accompanied by some mucus.
Liu Huaian looked solemn and said: “It is indeed different from the characteristics of the Golden Cicada recorded in some ancient books. However, there are also some legends that when the Golden Cicada reaches the highest level, it should be like this scene of the golden cicada coming, and you can live again. For the rest of my life, I will sing along with the great road!”
After hearing this, several people stopped and looked at Wang Xuan. Is this the highest achievement in the Golden Cicada Technique?
“Is Wang Xuan going to finish his training?” Zhao Qinghan asked, stroking her hair. She usually had a cold temperament, but when she put on a smile, she looked brighter and sweeter.
Liu Huaian was well-informed and said: “He has reached the advanced stage of training. If it is an ordinary transformation, it will happen naturally. But he is practicing the most advanced golden cicada vision, and I am afraid it still needs to be polished. He is so young, he can The supreme wonder of practicing such a miraculous skill makes me feel a little unreal.”
Mr. Liu was quite emotional. It was hard for him to understand how a young man in his early twenties could reach this level. In the most glorious times of ancient times, it was rare to see such special cases!
The cicadas chirped again, like the sound of the great avenue echoing, with mysterious textures expanding, affecting all of them, giving everyone a special feeling.
“It is indeed the most famous miracle, but it is different. He is making breakth