ave made peace with the people over there.”

Lin Xingchen waved goodbye and said, “Then I’ll leave first. After meeting my parents, I’ll come find you right away.”
Lin Xingchen’s home and the “Seventh Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Hongqiao Public Security Bureau” where Quan Kai and the others were going are both located in Hongqiao District, Tianjin.
Quan Kai and Lu Tong called a taxi and took them to the entrance of the “Hongqiao Public Security Bureau” on Yumiao Road. At the door, there was a man in t-shirt, about forty years old, with a flat head, waiting for him. The arrival of both.
The man introduced himself: “These two little brothers must be Quan Kai and Lu Tong. Hello, I am Lin Yan’s boss, the captain of the Seventh Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Hongqiao Public Security Bureau. My surname is Wu. I have I talked to Professor Yang on the phone and he told me the specific situation.”
Quan Kai said: “It’s the two of us, Captain Wu, hello.”
Quan Kai and Captain Wu shook hands politely.
Captain Wu said: “Go inside first, it’s too hot outside.”
Captain Wu’s office is not big, but there are many desks inside, but only three people are still at the desks. It can be seen with the naked eye that the morale of these three people is low. Quan Xingxin understands that Lin Yan’s death should also be reported. It reached the ears of these three people.
There is also a separate compartment in the office, which can be regarded as Captain Wu’s independent office. Captain Wu brought Quan Kai and Lu Tong into this independent office.
There was a small sofa in the independent office. Lu Tong and Quan Kai were sitting on the sofa. It was originally a sofa big enough for two people, but since Lu Tong’s body was slightly wider, Quan Kai was squeezed very tightly.
Lu Tong was the first to ask: “Are there many people under Captain Wu? I see there are many desks outside, but there are only three people here now. Have they all gone out to do things?”
Captain Wu smiled and said: “I have eight people under my command. The other five are not out on business. They are just…”
“They were just killed by ‘ghosts’.” Quan Kai rushed to answer.
/Lu Tong didn’t dare to speak. He also understood why the other three were so disappointed.
Captain Wu said: “The ‘Ghosts’ killed eight people in total, five of them were from our team, and the other three were from the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau. Originally, our detachment took over the case at the beginning. After too many people died, they When it became a serious case, the city bureau took over the case, and three people died in the city bureau. They felt that the ‘burden’ was too heavy, and now they have thrown it back.”
Quan Kai said: “‘Ghost’ has really become a criminal that is talked about in the police circles. As long as all the policemen who have been involved with this person are dead, naturally no one will dare to touch this case.”
/Quankai said: “Captain Wu, I am a college student. Many police officers will not