it from you.” Lin Xingchen then took out a piece of paper from his bag and handed it to Wei Renwu.

Wei Renwu took the piece of paper, looked at it, and laughed: “It turns out to be a list of bank employees. It seems like you want me to find out who is involved.”
“Yes, this is a very critical link. Now we are busy dealing with those robbers and have no time to check the internal agents.”
“When you go to check, you don’t know how long it will take to find out. In fact, I have already begun to suspect an internal agent. If I just have this information, I can find him out quickly. Just wait for my good news. .” Wei Renwu said very confidently.
“Okay, I believe in your ability. Go check it out quickly.” Lin Xingchen took another piece of paper to Wei Renwu, “This is my phone number. If you find anything, call me.”
Wei Renwu frowned and looked at the piece of paper, then threw it away immediately, turned around and left, saying, “Remember it.”
Lin Xingchen watched Wei Renwu disappear into the night.
Lin Xingchen returned to Wang Chaoyang’s home. Wang Chaoyang was sitting on the sofa, his lips slightly open, his expression stiff, and his eyes empty. Lin Xingchen knew that Wei Renwu’s last words caused great disturbance in Wang Chaoyang’s heart.
/Everyone else looked at Lin Xingchen at a loss, hoping that she could come up with some ideas.
Lin Xingchen actually didn’t have any good ideas, but the more people were distracted like this, the more someone needed to stand up and stabilize the situation. She had to be this person, and she was suitable to be such a person.
Lin Xingchen walked up to Wang Chaoyang and said in a tone that was almost like a leader: “Captain Wang, you must tell us, who is your daughter?”
Wang Chaoyang raised his head and looked at Lin Xingchen blankly.
11. Pity the hearts of parents in the world
“Yes, I do have a daughter. I never mention it because I feel that I am not qualified to be a father.” Wang Chaoyang finally said this.
Zhang Feng said: “Captain Wang, I see you look worried. To be honest, even if you have a daughter, you don’t have to be afraid.”
/Wang Chaoyang shook his head and said: “No, even Xingchen’s friends can see through my secret at a glance, not to mention those robbers. They will definitely investigate my daughter and they will definitely involve her.”
Lin Xingchen said: “Without further ado, let’s go see your daughter.”
Xiao Wei echoed: “Yes, let’s go take a look. Only when you see with your own eyes that she is safe will you feel relieved.”
Wang Chaoyang stood up and said, “You are right, let’s go take a look.”
It’s still the old rules, one police car for Lin Xingchen, Zhang Feng, and Wang Chaoyang, and one police car for Xiao Wei, Lei Long, and Fang Ronghua.
Since both Lin Xingchen and Wang Chaoyang had been drinking, Zhang Feng still drove the car.
Zhang Feng asked while driving the police car: “Captain Wang, how old is your daughter?”
Wang Chaoyang replied: “About the same as you, twenty-three years old.”
“Really? Is it beautiful?” Zhang Feng asked curiou