ical quality still stabilized her. She sat there with a blind eye and did not turn her head to look.

He walked slowly to her, his steps slow and leisurely.
From the corner of his eye, Qin Yanan saw a pair of bare legs of a man, wearing a pair of hotel slippers. He seemed to be wearing a hotel bathrobe, the kind that was spread open.
No, I prepared new pajamas and bathrobes for Liu Changan. For people who have high quality of life requirements, it is not bad to be able to take away bathrobes priced at one thousand or even thousands in the hotel, but after all, it is not bad. There are better alternatives.
Qin Yanan thought of a kind of male image on many TVs, that is, wearing a bathrobe with only a pair of underwear inside, or hugging him from left to right, holding a glass of red wine in his hand.
The corner of his eye slowly moved up, it turned out to be true! What’s wrong with Liu Chang’an?
/“The cool breeze has faith, and the autumn moon is so coquettish that the days feel like years.”
This is Leslie Cheung’s 1988 song “Autumn Hate on a Passenger Journey”. Liu Changan actually sang something wrong. This is not Liu Changan’s voice!
Qin Yanan suddenly raised his head and saw Ma Weiming, who had just apologized to him and would never harass her again, standing in front of him, looking at Qin Yanan with a “feeling” look.
In such a deep night, a strange man, a man who should never appear at this moment, shocked Qin Yanan, and for a moment he felt vaguely like he was dreaming.
“Xiao Shengma’s surname is unknown. She is a beautiful woman named Yanan of the Qin family. When they see her, her voice matches her temperament and admires her. She is also talented and beautiful. Today, it is difficult to see each other because we are separated from each other. Therefore, the lonely boat is silent and the evening scene is cool. ”
“Ma Weiming, why are you here!” Qin Yanan finally came to his senses and couldn’t help but look gloomy when he heard that Ma Weiming was still singing the adapted version of “Autumn Hate on a Passenger Journey”.
/“I said I won’t come to Lushan Mountain to view the scenery again, but I’m going to get a room in this hotel to relax and free myself. Isn’t it weird?” Ma Weiming pulled his bathrobe and didn’t want to use it. The belt means to tie it up.
“Then you should be in your own room instead of coming to my room.” Qin Yanan’s face was so gloomy that he could shed tears. This Ma Weiming must have lost his mind and gone crazy. Qin Yanan actually didn’t think it was very strange to lose his mind like this. Strangely, when a man reaches a certain level, when he is particularly swollen, he would like to know what kind of control he has over certain people and things he cares about, just like some men with high status routinely use this method to women. Strong, in addition to desire, is often more of a kind. I want you, but you don’t give it to me? I can’t control you? It’s just such a mentality.
This mentality is also reflected in the relationship between the boss and his secretary or assistant.