nse Bingshan face softened a lot.

King Yuanji lowered his head and said nothing, somewhat embarrassed.
Before, when King Yuanxuan was traded, he often teased him about it behind his back. He even joked in front of King Yuanxuan that he was just a younger brother and that he would never be able to do it.
Things turned around and he became a trading item.
Xiao Fengxian made a weak sound, her big watery eyes blinking.
The cuteness failed, and Lu Bei only got two dark nostrils. He turned to Zhu Xiushi and used the tried and tested ‘Master Niang’ method.
“Xiao Fengxian has met Master Wife.”
She had used this method to kill red and white songs in succession, and was very fond of the two master wives, especially the red song. Every time she heard the title of master wife, she felt happy, and I believe this time will be no exception.
It doesn’t matter if you shout wrong, Master will definitely like to hear it.
Zhu Xiushi:
Who is your wife? Which eye did you see me being bitten by a dog?
Bah, bad luck!
Then, the little fairy got two beautiful nostrils.
Little Phoenix Fairy:
It seems that the new master’s wife and the cheap master are very compatible. Without thousands of kilometers of running-in, they would not be able to achieve such a perfect synchronization rate.
/So the question is, do Bai Shiniang and Zhan Shiniang know?
Transaction in progress.
Lu Bei handed people with one hand and received goods with the other. He was holding a few Qiankun rings in his hands. There was no little fairy waiting in his eyes to add anything to his eyes, and he locked eyes on Gu Yuanping and the several large cars beside her.
There are a lot of people, but the quality is average. They are all in the combined stage, and none of them can fight the Tribulation.
Impossible, there must be experts.
/Lu Bei’s eyes flashed with golden light, and he looked intently at the majestic Chu land on the east bank of the river. The towering city walls could be seen in the distance. If there was an ambush, it would be located here.
“Master Lu, there is no need to worry too much. I, Xiongchu, sincerely want to make friends with the Tianjian Sect and have no unnecessary thoughts.” Gu Yuanping saw through Lu Bei’s concerns and explained.
“Maybe it’s true.”
Zhu Xiushi looked at Lu Bei infatuatedly, his eyes moving up and down along several Qiankun rings, wondering how many sealing spells he could apply to snatch them away.
For the sake of cultivation, don’t be dissatisfied.
“The ancient Pavilion Master has misunderstood. This sect master has no doubts about your character. I have longed for Xiong Chu so much that I have been looking forward to it again and again.”
“That being the case, Gu has the guts to invite Sect Master Lu to Xiongchu as a guest. What do you think?” Gu Yuanping took advantage of the opportunity to invite.
Why, you lost three artifacts and want to pass this sect master on from generation to generation?
You can’t go to Xiongchu. It’s easy to get in but hard to get out.
Lu Bei cursed in his heart and declin