d to work together to use it.

After a hundred moves, Feng Xu gradually became weak. The exhaustion in his soul made it difficult for him to resist. With a roar, he manifested his body, and the phoenix with a wingspan of 500 feet hit the starry sky. While covering Feng Yi, he tried to break through the star formation, and for Feng Yi fought his way out.
Laughing to death, the first-generation Demon King looked at it and shook his head.
Fengxu was extremely powerful and worthy of being the leader of the royal city’s imperial army. He was not someone just seeking fame.
If Lu Bei had just arrived in Ten Thousand Demons Country, the chance of winning against him would not be high. He would have a chance of winning if he sacrificed the flying nemesis Dihentiance Bow. However, considering that the Phoenix clan ignored fire damage, the lethality of the Phoenix Arrow would be greatly reduced.
The bloodline of the Phoenix Royal Family is even more terrifying. Not only does it ignore fire damage, but the acquired five elements are unable to cause effective damage to them. This alone is worth Kong Ji’s thousand years of hard work.
Feng Xu failed to attack the star formation and was suppressed by the stars. His body of 500 feet staggered and fell.
He did not use his immortal magical power to fight again, knowing that the enemy was very different from us, and the result would be the same even if he fought three hundred times again, golden flames lit up between his brows, he sacrificed another magical power, and poured all his great power into Feng Yi’s body.
boom! boom! boom
The arrogance soared.
Feng Yi’s momentum was rising steadily. From a distance, he was three points stronger than Lu Bei, who was blessed by the stars.
/not bad!
Lu Bei had a command from a great god to be invincible for thirty seconds. The stronger the enemy, the easier it would be for him to fight. He glanced at the falling Feng Xu, raised his five fingers, and pressed down more than ten stars.
[You defeated Feng Xu and gained 3 billion experience points. It was determined that the level difference between your opponent was greater than level 20, and you were rewarded with 3 billion experience points]
With six billion experience points in hand, and he could get it again tomorrow, Lu Bei couldn’t help but sigh. If he had joined the Phoenix Egg when he traveled through time, he would have been invincible in the world and become a true second-generation demon king.
At that time, he will punch Emperor Ji and kick Yinglong, embarking on the path of no return where the first generation Demon Emperor did whatever he wanted.
Unfortunately it’s not possible.
If he were born into the Phoenix clan and turned into a bird egg, Lu Bei would lose the Demon-Slaying Sutra, the Secret Record of Demon Creation in the Wilderness, the Immortal Sword Sutra, the Taixu Wordless Heart Sutra, and the Yuanshi Shangqi Yin-Yang Fu.
Without the unity of heaven and man, without the supreme Qi of Yuanshi, the road after the Mahayana period would be very difficult. The most