ing clans. The remaining Zhanhen and Kui Niu made an appointment to fight, and then changed places to continue the fight.

The seven-way demon king’s crusade against the nine-tailed fox ended in vain.
As for Liu Yan, he was ordered to secretly sneak into Gaiyuan City. He used the token to change his appearance. At the city gate, he first changed into a harpy. He planned to enter the city and find an uninhabited corner before transforming into a bird of the Honghu family. The demon went straight to the Honghu Palace.
After entering the city, Liu Wei found that he had overthought. There was no defense in Gaiyuan City, and there was not even a bird standing guard at the city gate. Let alone a snake demon like him, human monks could walk through the main entrance openly.
Liu Xi nodded secretly. A series of evidence showed that the Peacock clan could win over him, and Kong Ji was waiting for him at the palace.
Came just in time!
Out of respect for the peacock and the vulture, Liu Di followed the original plan and transformed into a bird demon of the Honghu clan. Now Gai Yuancheng inquired about the information and came to the backyard of the palace after dark.
There was no climbing over the wall. During the changing of the guard, we went through the back door and blended into the queue perfectly.
According to the information from the palace, the peacock clan is all in Gaiyuan City. Kong Ji not only found his son Kong Ci, but also brought his wife Weng Chong into the palace.
/The leader of the Tuo family was full of sincerity, and Liu Di thought that he could bring the Peacock clan back to Xiangliu King City just by showing his face without opening his mouth.
Thinking of this, Liu Wei simply let go of his courage. Kong Jie was not an unintelligent person. If he dared to do this, he must have dealt with the Gu Diao spy around him.
As a result, the snake demon from the Xiangliu clan swung his arms and walked in the Honghu Palace. The bird demons coming and going pointed and asked if the general could leave his name. Seeing that the snake demon was confident and hesitant, he did not dare to speak.
Liu Xi laughed loudly, took out his folding fan and walked to the backyard of the palace. He met a vixen face to face, and spread out his folding fan with a clatter: “Liu Xi, from the Xiangliu clan, came here at the invitation of the Peacock Demon King. I also asked this lady to help spread a message.”
Fox Three:
Who are you calling Madam? Believe it or not, Grandpa Fox took out a stick and gave you a stick!
Hu San had an invincible second brother, how could he accept such injustice? Hearing this, he smiled charmingly, slowly grabbed Liu Xi’s right hand and pressed it on his chest.
Liu Di:
What do you mean, madam? What is this? Madam, why are you turning your back to me?
A string of question marks floated across Liu Yan’s forehead, but before he could react, he heard Hu San scream, and the harsh sound resounded through the night sky, shocking the entire Honghu Palace to explode.
“Help, kill the fox”
“Come and catch