ting Zheng Dashi.”

Wang Meng licked his lips.
If you say this to someone else, it would definitely be bragging. A strong person who has suppressed Yuanli is still a strong person. But Wang Meng has his back when he says this. Wang Meng’s swordsmanship is a bit too extraordinary. He has reached the end of his level. Even Mo Chen It’s nothing more than performing it in person.
From Mo Chen’s point of view, if Wang Meng didn’t have the Five Elements Body, even if he only had the potential of a life weapon, his future would be limitless. The addition of the Five Elements Body would bring too many hardships, but this kid is better than optimistic.
Mo Chen and Wang Meng packed up their things. The hut was reduced to ashes in the flames, because they would never come back again. Mo Chen could not tell that he was about to die. He chatted and laughed with Wang Meng along the way, starting from the summoning of the dragon’s lair. , it will still take some time for the dragon to return, but this is the time for humans to prepare.
At this time, a ray of light rose into the sky from the Hualong Pond, and the entire hall shook. Although it was underground, it could not hinder the formation of the catastrophe. The sky above the Hualong Hall was covered with dark clouds, and there was a faint sound of thunder.
The entire Tianji Sect’s disciples have arrived, and the three elders are sitting there, waiting quietly.
At this time, No. 3, No. 5, No. 7, and No. 9 have not left. They have already left Hualong Pond. Who would have thought that No. 2, who was originally the lagging behind, and now No. 1, would advance so rapidly into Small Consummation and be caught off guard.
Of course you can blame it on the resource support of the Jida Alliance, but who makes it impossible for them to get it?
No one else can help with the calamity, and whoever takes action will be implicated, or even cause a greater calamity.
“The Holy Light Demon Collapse is indeed extraordinary. Seventy-seven forty-nine to the Heavenly Fire Purification Thunder Tribulation is enough for him to endure.”
The remaining monks also had various complicated expressions, some failed, some failed, and some failed to arrive, but No. 1 has entered Small Perfection and triggered a catastrophe. The occurrence of a catastrophe means that the icon is very likely to appear.
/rumble rumble
The power of heaven and earth cannot be underestimated. One after another, the extremely fire sky thunder blasted into the Hualong Pond. One after another, the entire Hualong Palace was trembling.
Hualong Pond is a treasure land chosen by the Tianji Sect to comply with the Heavenly Way. It can minimize the natural calamity and is considered a method to comply with the Heavenly Way. However, even the natural calamity caused by Mingren is extremely shocking.
The water in Hualong Pond has dried up. At this time, Mingren closed his eyes slightly, as if he didn’t feel the heavenly tribulation at all. The surrounding turned into a sea of ??fire, and the entire Hualong Palace collapsed in the