at all, he is not stupid, he can find two women if he robs them. A Holy Cultivator came to help. Unless he was mentally retarded, he would have trouble with such a person. The Ten Thousand Demons Sect only had one sect leader.

It can only be said that the fate of the Holy Temple should not be cut off. There is such a heaven-defying character like Wang Meng. Speaking of it, the Barbarian Ghost Ancestor himself feels amazing.
This is an order given by the sect master. Who knows how this kid can let so many holy cultivator sect leaders give face like this? This is no longer something that the Ten Thousand Demons Sect can offend. The only people who can kill him are the disciples of the Cultivation Academy. The Ten Thousand Demons Sect occupies Absolute advantage, but in the end they were all killed. When Wang Meng’s Holy Church camp forcibly disbanded the Demon Refining camp, the last glimmer of hope of the Ten Thousand Demon Sect was shattered. One year later, they also had new disciples enter the Cultivation Academy. , according to the rules of the Star Alliance, this part is indispensable, and it is also a part of the gang ranking. It cannot be missing, and it cannot be hurt. But now that it is gone, it is simply giving meat to Wang Meng.
The only option is to trade, and the Temple really needs a buffer now.
Li Xiuwen and others were stunned. The sect leader had talked about this matter before retreating some time ago, and even wanted to talk to Ba Tiantang. The Ten Thousand Demons Sect had gained too much momentum. As a result, people came to ask for peace.
“Wang Meng, how are you?” asked the Barbarian Ghost Ancestor.
Wang Meng smiled slightly and said, “Not very good.”
The six Patriarchs were a little anxious at that moment. This kid should just give up as soon as he is ready.
“Ancestor Barbarian Ghost, it’s not good to talk half-heartedly. This is not a question of whether your Ten Thousand Demons Sect can survive, but whether the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect can still enter the Cultivation Academy, you know.”
Wang Meng said with a smile. The relationship between Wang Meng and the old demon Dean cannot be hidden from anyone who cares. Of course, no one knows the specific relationship. It is just an unusual thing for a disciple to see the Dean at every turn·Wan Mo The more I think about it, the more I feel something is wrong.
The Barbarian Ghost Ancestor’s heart skipped a beat. The thing he was most worried about had happened. Looking at this kid’s nonchalant complacency, he definitely had a big backer. He was too arrogant.
“What do you want? Wang Meng, don’t bully others too much. If you are anxious, you will jump over the wall!”
The Barbarian Ghost Ancestor said in a deep voice.
/Li Xiuwen and others looked at each other in shock, as if they had seen the most unacceptable thing. An ancestor said to a disciple, “Don’t bully others too much. What kind of thing is this?”
“Master Patriarch, I heard that the Ten Thousand Demons Sect is causing trouble everywhere, but our church has suffered