hat admires his management ability.

But as the territory continues to develop, more and more specific things need to be planned and managed, and there are not enough people.
/It’s not that Hudson didn’t cultivate talents by himself. The following officers, Chief A and Chief Bao, are the “key talents” he has painstakingly cultivated.
It is already very difficult for a group of purely illiterate people to do a good job in grassroots work. It is obviously unrealistic to expect them to grow up immediately.
The limited number of cronies must also be placed in the army. Compared with administrative management, Hudson still paid more attention to the control of the army.
This can be seen from the talents recruited. The targets were all administrative personnel. No matter how talented the military commanders were, Mr. Hudson did not dare to use them.
Although there are not many history books in the family, some lessons learned have been recorded. Countless heroes have failed to start their own businesses, and the reason is ultimately the betrayal of their subordinates.
In troubled times, the army is the lifeblood. If the army is not in chaos, everything will have room for maneuver. Once something goes wrong in the army, it can only rely on the Lord of the Morning to bless it.
Ability can be developed slowly, but loyalty must not be compromised. Anyway, there are only so few soldiers in total. As long as they can carry out orders without compromise, that is enough.
When it comes to military command ability, Hudson feels that his level of “talking on paper” ranks high among a group of colleagues who only know how to charge stupidly.
If he goes to the battlefield a few more times and accumulates some practical experience, he might become a famous general in the mainland.
With only the level of leading troops to charge in a daze, Hudson felt that recruiting these guys into the army would be irresponsible to himself.
There may be outstanding military talents among the down-and-out nobles who are living outside the country, but Hudson does not think that he, a small baron, can recruit these great masters.
On the contrary, it is easy to recruit administrative staff. As long as you have the level of a few housekeepers, you can make do with them.
In the future, there will be more suitable candidates to replace them. If there are not enough talents, then it is better to wait until the older officers in the army retire.
Who makes Mr. Hudson dare not promote compulsory education in his territory, so he can only secretly teach some officers to read and read in the army?
In terms of knowledge dissemination, the aristocratic group has already reached a tacit agreement and only allows it to circulate within a small area.
Not only the serfs had no chance to learn knowledge, but also the free people outside. Including many businessmen, they are also illiterate.
This is not the worst. As far as Hudson knew, some down-and-out noble lords had also become illiterate.
If no one helps, you will have to pay a heavy price if