who had dealt with Kong Xuan and Lu Renjia respectively were a little confused.

Whether they are our own people or enemies, there are quite a number of extraordinary people who are dumbfounded.
/For example, Ling Qingxuan found it unbelievable that when Kong Xuan was talking to her from afar using an extraordinary communicator to discuss the sale of Yuan Shen artifacts, Lu Renjia was not far from her, attending a genius gathering in the 36th Heaven.
Lu Renjia’s Yuan Sheng relic is naturally no problem.
“Where’s Sun Wukong? He should have appeared. Why haven’t you seen him yet? Is he here?” This time it was definitely not the people from Xuankong Ridge who were shouting, but someone who was thinking too much, because today’s facts are too unbelievable and easy to be confused. They think wildly.
In the end, Lu Renjia calmly returned to the side hall, and then the saints had another eye-popping experience. The boy did not carry them behind his back and directly transformed inside.
Then, Sun Wukong walked out from inside carrying a black iron rod and said: “Here comes my old grandson!”
Even if other extraordinary beings could not see him transforming inside like the True Saint, how could they not make reasonable guesses when they saw the suspected target coming in and out of the same side hall?
“You’re so big, why don’t you try to cover it up seriously? Is there any other way?!” The scene was about to explode.
Kong Xuan, Lu Renjia, and Sun Wukong, if one disappears, the other will come out. Moreover, they all come from the same side hall. Who can not think more about it?
“Does he think we can’t guess it?!”
As long as the extraordinary beings present pay a little attention and pay attention to the details, they will not be without ideas.
“It’s so arrogant. Does he look down on us? He doesn’t even pretend!”
Some people who discovered the truth found it annoying. Is this a direct local showdown?
Some extraordinary people thought that he had a premonition that he could no longer hide it, so he just gave up and gave up on himself.
“Who are you? Kong Xuan, Lu Renjia, or Sun Wukong, which one is the real you?” someone shouted. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had been deceived for so long.
In fact, after a large number of extraordinary people present made an uproar, they were also greatly shocked. It was really unimaginable that these three “celebrities” who once shocked the sea of ????stars were the same person.
For a period of time, people called Kong Xuan, Lu Renjia, and Sun Wukong the Three Heroes of the Xinghai. The achievements of any one of them were terrifying.
Now the truth has emerged. They are actually a trinity. If the various achievements are added up, it is so gorgeous that it can blind people’s eyes.
/Wang Xuan sighed: “Whether you believe it or not, I did this because I had no choice. Everything was to survive. I had no choice but to change my identity and avoid death.”
He ignored others and said: “Anyway, I believe that whoever I am is who I really am. I will follow his life path and devote m