to advance, he wanted to confirm that the legendary level was real.

Speaker Gould wants to prove that the legendary level is not a legend in books or an unrealistic fantasy of Speaker Gould and his four closest friends.
David never expected that Speaker Gould’s mistaken guess would actually be correct about his strength.
He was approaching an area 10,000 kilometers away from the federal fleet. In his perception, fifteen level five Zerg appeared in front.
Although David’s mental perception is as far as one hundred kilometers away, in this kind of space, the vision of the fifth-level Zerg plays a greater role. Just when David discovered the fifth-level Zerg, the fifth-level Zerg also discovered he.
This was an unexpected encounter, whether it was David or fifteen level five Zerg.
David’s face tightened. Although he had reached the legendary level, he had no intention of looking down on the fifth-level Zerg.
His ‘Blade Field’ is really powerful. If it were a Templar who is also at level 5, with the Templar’s defense, he could kill a group of them instantly if he made a surprise attack. However, the level 5 Zerg’s defense is not comparable to that of the Templar. of.
/In addition, each level five Zerg has its own special abilities, which need to be paid attention to.
David’s eyes glanced at the individual reconnaissance equipment, and he regretted bringing this thing with him. If he didn’t have this thing, he asked the black dragon Alexis to take action with him, even if the black dragon Alexis used the power of the kitten to Form can also be of great help to him.
“No, why are there so many level five Zerg there!” Chairman Gould’s face suddenly changed color when he saw fifteen level five Zerg in the command room.
/“Lord Arthur’s speed is enough to escape!” Admiral Francis said without being too anxious.
It was just the scene from the video that made General Francis change his color again, because the video was approaching fifteen level five Zerg at extremely high speeds.
“Lord Arthur is planning to fight against the fifth-level insect swarm!” Admiral Francis couldn’t believe his eyes.
How powerful the fifth-level Zerg is. Normally, if you want to suppress a fifth-level Zerg, you need more than three level-5 Templars to take action.
Fifteen level 5 Zerg, even if the power of the knight formation after the teaming up of level 5 Templars is included, no more than twice the number of Templars cannot be dealt with, and more Templars are needed to defeat them.
But Lord Arthur was quickly approaching fifteen level five Zerg. Isn’t this suicide?
Although Lord Arthur previously entered the interior of the five billion Zerg and successfully assassinated the legendary Zerg, according to everyone’s opinion, it should have been an assassination, an assassination using the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’.
With the assassin’s method, a single strike can cover thousands of miles. With Lord Arthur’s life-saving means, it is possible to escape from the insect swarm with one strike if you are well prepared.
But this time Lord Art