holding several textbooks in her hands. She had a pure appearance and an impeccable figure.

holding several textbooks in her hands. She had a pure appearance and an impeccable figure.
He also smiled when he heard this.
“Sister Zhihong also went to South Asia. I wonder how she is doing now?”
“Looking back on the past, it really seems like a dream.” Yin Mingzhi sighed. “There is also Prague. I am probably still looking for pyramids in Maya. Although I have saved the corpse king from his ambition to destroy the world, he is still restless and looking for new news about mysterious legends.”
“After studying abroad this time, I plan to return to China. “I heard that I was studying management here. I had a close friend when I was young and wanted me to help her manage the business.” Yuan Xiaojing said calmly.
“In retrospect, the life of ordinary people is quite good. We don’t have to be chased by ghosts, besieged by mummies, ghost kings, corpse generals, flying yakshas, ??etc. like before. It’s just a mess.”
“It’s so ordinary now, there’s nothing wrong with it. Extra things are considered the best.”
Yin Mingzhi also smiled and nodded.
“It’s a pity, it would be great if Taoist Master Hongde was still here.”
Yuan Xiaojing’s words seemed to bring back bad memories for the two of them, and Yin Mingzhi’s originally smiling face dimmed.
“After you go back, let’s go see Wuguan Mountain where the Taoist Master is.”
“Corpse Tao?”
Lin Xin squinted at the man in black in front of him.
The two disciples behind him lowered their eyebrows and lowered their eyes, but they showed no sign of nervousness at all.
“Who are you?”
The man in black asked in a low voice. He intuitively felt that the person in front of him was not easy to deal with.
“Who are you hiding in this lake and sneaking around?”
Lin Xin said calmly.
The man in black was silent for a moment.
“My name is Jiu Ya. If the Taoist Master is here to seek the magic of immortality, then please come back.”
“The magic of immortality?”
Lin Xin’s heart moved.
“The yin and yang of heaven and earth have their own laws. This is not a place where mortals should come. Taoist Master, please go back.”
The man in black said again.
Lin Xin ignored him, and instead looked at the lake below. After the man in black got up, there was a faint and secret aura that was bigger than before.
It also has the same aura as the corpse path.
“What’s down here?”
he asked directly.
“That’s something you shouldn’t touch.”
Jiuya, the man in black, sounded slightly unhappy.
“Taoist Master, you should go back quickly. There are no opportunities here, only dangers.”
Lin Xin is always looking for strange places everywhere. He will not let go of any place that may be related to the origin of the world. How could he Because the man in black left after just a few threats.
“Xiao Ran, go down and take a look.”
He directly motioned to a disciple behind him to come forward.
“Yes, Master.”
The disciple took a step forward, and suddenly a broken sword engraved with talismans appeared in his hand.
/He walked straight towards the lake witho