After entering the eldest princess’s mansion, they clearly felt that the magic weapon brand belonging to Qi Fengqin had been trembling slightly.
The magic weapon cannot be fake.
“Then the news was leaked in advance, allowing others to understand our plan, and covering up the fate of the noble lady?”
This thought suddenly popped up, and Taoist Jingmin was suddenly startled. Facing the gaze of Wu Wang Wei Xi, Taoist Jingmin said in a deep voice.
“Old Prince, this matter was witnessed by several of my colleagues and I have already informed Qin Tiantai. Even His Majesty knows about it, so there can be no lies!”
Hearing this, King Wu Wei Xi asked.
“Then where is the noble lady you mentioned?”
Upon hearing this, Taoist Jingmin said: “Old Prince, can you try to keep these guests and allow us to come out of Fengqin? As long as the true body of the magic weapon in my vision appears, I don’t expect that the noble lady with Phoenix life will be able to escape!”
King Wu Wei Xi snorted coldly.
“I can’t decide this matter, so you should bring it up to Qing Feng yourself!”
The old prince looked unhappy and did not want to pay attention to Taoist Jingmin anymore. He was enthusiastic about this matter before because once he found the noble daughter of Phoenix, the King of Wu’s lineage might also benefit from it.
But now the eloquent Master Jingmin did not find Lady Fengming. Instead, he asked him to come forward to stop many guests, but he was unwilling to do so.
How many of the many guests were princes and ministers? There were also many distinguished guests from the royal family, including the Queen Mother, who was also dressed in disguise. The risk of stopping many guests was too great.
Naturally, the old prince was unwilling to take the risk of offending so many distinguished guests in exchange for a project with no current chance of success.
At least he was not optimistic about Taoist Jingming’s ability.
And there are many unknown factors.
For example, what if the noble lady might have left?
You must know that at this time, as the lanterns begin to light up, the female relatives of many noble families have already left one after another.
Can he still force these female relatives to stay?
Just as King Wu Wei Xi thought, when Taoist Jingmin passed by, Zhang Jian and Qi Yuhua had already quietly left with the flow of people.
Zhang Jian sent Qi Yuhua away and returned to the temporary residence of the Qi family, the former residence of Prince Consort Qi Yuanwu.
The two of them swaggered directly in front of the two Taoists Jingyu and Jinghui.
/Not long after, a large group of people from Qin Tiantai appeared around the eldest princess’s residence.
There was also an elder from the Cave God Temple who came in person with Qi Fengqin, but as you can imagine, the result was all in vain.
The palace was still brightly lit at midnight.
At this time, in the Jingtai Hall, golden candles with dragon patterns and thick arms were emitting bright light, illuminating the place like daylight.
In front of the imperial cas