ith standard energy, but in the eyes of outsiders, he was no different from a living person. He also knew that this young man was Jenny’s younger brother, so it was reasonable not to recognize him.

Pei Jiao smiled and said, “I am your sister’s friend. Tell her that I am here to repay her promise.”
/The young man was stunned again, but his expression became more cautious. He looked at Pei Jiao carefully, and then at Yang Dingtian behind Pei Jiao, and then shouted loudly behind him: “Sister, there is an Asian who said he is yours.” My friend, I’ve come to repay your promise.”
Not long after the sound came out, there was indeed an exclamation from the hall, and then Jenny was seen running out of the room in a hurry. When she saw Pei Jiao, she immediately screamed in surprise and said: ” Pei Jiao! Is that you? Have you come from China? ”
Pei Jiao looked at Jenny’s surprised look. He also smiled and nodded at the same time: “Let’s go in and talk. By the way, this is Yang Dingtian, my partner.”
Jenny still looked that generous and bold. She took Pei Jiao’s hand and said to Yang Dingtian at the same time: “Mr. Yang, please come in too.” After saying that, she pulled Pei Jiao all the way to the living room. Ran over.
In the living room of the room, Jenny’s parents were sitting on the sofa, looking at the expressions of the two people. Apparently they and Jenny seemed to be arguing about something before. At this moment, their expressions were all serious, until they saw Jenny pulling When Pei Jiao ran into the living room, her father stood up.
/Pei Jiao immediately looked at Jenny curiously, but Jenny frowned and said to him: “Pei Jiao, did your ghosts in China kill tens of thousands of people this time? India is even worse, with more than a dozen dead. Thousands of people, or even more, were just covered up by their government. Although we in Washington successfully suppressed these ghosts this time, what about next time? What about the next time? So getting them to move out of Washington is really urgent. But that’s it, right? You think so too, right?”
Until this moment, Jenny was still holding Pei Jiao’s hand, seemingly forgetting to let go in her desperation. Naturally, it was impossible for Pei Jiao to forcefully break away from her hand and treat a girl like this in the presence of so many people. It was too embarrassing, so he could only rub his nose with his other hand, and then said: “Actually, your idea is not correct.”
“Since the manifestation of ghosts in Beijing, as well as the large-scale manifestations of ghosts in the cities where the headquarters of national soul organizations around the world have occurred, I have planned to move my family out of Beijing, uh, that is, our country The city where the headquarters of the Soul Organization is located, but after thinking about it carefully, I felt that it would be better to continue to stay in Beijing. This large-scale ghost manifestation, did you know that in addition to the headquarters of the Soul Organization, there are other cities where it also