ikely that Gong Yeyu will harm him.

Zhang Heng chuckled. He made a move with one hand. He couldn’t see it in his palm, but a substantial spiritual field appeared there. This was something he had inadvertently realized in a hurry. This was What he had hidden deep in his heart was the spiritual determination to complete what he promised and to make up his mind, even if he had to sacrifice his life for it! His aura.
/It’s just that this aura field is not complete yet. He is probably on the road to seeking truth at this moment. Just like the journey of strength that Pei Jiao once told him, he only needs to implement the original intention represented by this will, and it won’t take long. He will truly master the aura field and reach the level of True Demon. And according to his current strength, it is estimated that after reaching the level of True Demon, he will directly reach the intermediate or even advanced level of True Demon. After all, his obsession capacity and obsession at the moment The strength of his thoughts is far from comparable to that of ordinary true demons.
“OK, now I need to find my parents and my friends. Since I’m fine, I guess they will be fine too. I hope everything is safe for my friends.”
Thinking of this, Zhang Heng asked Duan Rui again: “By the way, who are those orcs, and why were you all caught by them? Where is the army? Why didn’t you hide in the defense facilities?”
Duan Rui was stunned for a moment, then smiled bitterly and said: “What other defense facilities are there? After the ghost appeared two years ago, it disappeared not long after, and then after a huge earthquake, those monsters suddenly appeared , God knows where they come from, some are strong, some are fast, and they can release magic or fighting spirit like the tall mountain barbarian just now. We humans don’t have firearms. Even if we have firearms, ammunition is also a problem. When encountering It turns out that these creatures can’t be defeated at all. Apart from us, there are thousands of people who have been eaten, captured, and used as slaves. The hundreds of mountain barbarians just now are just a small tribe. It is said that on the plains outside the mountains, a In the large mountain barbarian tribes, tens of thousands of mountain barbarians raised tens of thousands of humans, fed them root mud, and used them as food and slaves. The human corpses were piled as high as mountains, and there were also those who looked like elves. Yes, intelligent creatures that can use plant magic even peel our human skins to make clothes or decorations. That forest has been named the Skinning Forest.”
“What did you say!”
Zhang Heng rushed to his side and lifted his arm. Duan Rui felt as if his arm was clamped by iron pliers. The force made him almost think that his arm had been pinched off. Fortunately, Zhang Heng let go immediately. He opened the door, but Zhang Heng looked at him with a cold face and said: “Tell me everything you know, everything, the current time, the location here, when the change occurred, we huma