of his previous films have made it into the top ten at Blue Star’s annual box office.

But this “Resident Evil” has faint signs of this.
Because this movie performed very well, its subsequent film schedule in various continents will definitely increase!
The more films you schedule, the more viewers will grow. This is natural. The reputation of the film is there anyway, and commercial films have never lacked an audience base.
In fact, similar situations have happened in China.
Before Xu Zheng’s “囧”, the box office of Chinese movies was generally not high.
After that movie, the film market suddenly went crazy, and the box office ceiling was broken again and again.
It’s not that the quality of movies has improved.
It is purely because the film and television market has become bigger.
Blue Star has the prerequisite foundation for the merger of various continents, so the explosion of this kind of film market seems more traceable.
Some people may wonder:
Why did “Resident Evil” have a higher box office than Xianyu’s previous movies?
Is it because Xianyu’s previous movies can’t be played?
of course not.
If “Spider-Man” were released now, the box office wouldn’t be what it was back then.
/It’s like Xingye’s “Kung Fu”.
Under the market environment at that time, the box office of “Kung Fu” was only a few hundred million.
Behind him is “Mermaid,” which has a high box office.
This movie is definitely not as good as “Kung Fu”, but the box office is many times that of the former.
in addition.
“Wolf Warrior 2”, which has the highest box office in China, has a box office of less than 6 billion, and it does not even rank among the top 50 in the global box office rankings.
And in Blue Star’s market environment.
As the market merges and there are no language barriers or cultural differences between continents, six billion will be a goal that is not difficult for the top film and television companies to achieve.
this moment.
Lin Yuan has greater expectations for movies, and maybe it’s time for him to set a small goal for the future.
for example
Make a movie with a box office of over 10 billion?
It’s June now.
The movie “Resident Evil” was still hotly debated, and its box office sales continued unabated until the middle of the month.
Under such circumstances, Xingmang suddenly launched another TV series, directly realizing the blossoming of both film and television:
The Condor Heroes!
As the sequel to The Condor Heroes, “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” successfully continued the popularity of the previous work after its broadcast, and even became more brilliant!
Its intuitive expression is:
The show’s premiere ratings broke three!
Not only the actors became popular one after another after the TV series was broadcast, but also several classic songs written by Xianyu in the TV series became popular:
Come back!
Red Dust Inn!
second to none!
Mythical love story!
There are lovers in the world!
/A whole five songs were released as the TV soundtrack!
Unfortunately, these five songs were r