of this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste any time, crossed the original site of Wangxiang Terrace and headed forward.

They didn’t go far when they saw a mountain range dissipating in the distance.
When Wei Xiaobei arrived, groups of wild dogs were rushing out of the mountains.
Those wild dogs were as strong as calves, with hairless bodies and wrinkled skin, forming carapace pieces like rhinoceros skin, with thick and long bone spurs growing out of the gaps in the carapace.
/The canine teeth protruding from the corners of his mouth exuded a bloody aura, making him look particularly ferocious!
It is conceivable that when those lonely wild ghosts came here, they would be scared to death just by seeing these groups of wild dogs.
Just looking at the layers of white bones spreading across Wild Dog Ridge, you can understand the horror here.
But having said that, this Wild Dog Ridge looks scary, but in fact it is similar to places like Wangxiang Terrace.
According to ancient records, those ghosts and wild ghosts were bitten and devoured by wild dogs here. The white bones left behind do not mean that they are truly dead.
To put it simply, Yin Division buildings do not appear randomly.
The subsequent Huangquan Road is to recall the ghost’s memories during his lifetime, calm his anger, and consume his unfinished life.
/The Wangxiang Terrace will kill the homesickness of ghosts and prevent them from returning to the earth.
As for the Wild Dog Ridge, it is the last bit of obsession gathered after swallowing the ghost to prevent it from becoming a powerful ghost.
As for the Jinji Mountain at the back, it is to remove the ghost’s excessive yin energy, or to kill the ghost and prevent it from being so powerful.
Wild Ghost Village is the last stop for ghosts before entering the underworld.
Entering the Wild Ghost Village, follow the order of the dark and yellow world, the ancient world of the universe, and continue to be numbered A, B, B, D, etc., waiting for the summons from the underworld to review the case.
It is said that if during a war, the number of ghosts increases and the underworld is slow to process cases, the ghost village will expand on its own to accommodate more ghosts.
While Wei Xiaobei was recalling the records in the ancient book in his mind, his eyes fell on the charging wild dogs. He continued to move forward without stopping.
It can be seen that these wild dogs are extremely vicious, possessing an evil aura, and are definitely the natural nemesis of creatures such as souls.
However, due to the dissipation of Wild Dog Ridge, these wild dogs will not exist for too long. If Wild Dog Ridge disappears completely, then these wild dogs will also disappear with it.
The wild dogs rushed towards him ferociously. Wei Xiaobei naturally did not want to get entangled with these wild dogs, and then he slightly released his restrained aura.
After sensing Wei Xiaobei’s terrifying aura, the wild dogs whined and fled with their tails tucked between their legs.
Don’t look at it, these wild dogs have reached the three-s