With this thought, Wei Xiaobei made a decision to continue tracking!
After all, the value of this dragon ball was so high that Wei Xiaobei had no choice but to take risks.
But after a few minutes, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t even cry anymore.
The sudden appearance of long flying objects in the distance and the white smoke trailing into the air behind them undoubtedly revealed their identities.
Even Wei Xiaobei could clearly see a mark painted on the missile warhead!
Yellow base, three black semi-circles and a small black dot in the middle!
The two dragons flying in front would definitely not recognize this sign, but Wei Xiaobei was very familiar with it.
That’s a sign of nuclear power!
In other words, several missiles flying from the front are nuclear bombs!
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei suddenly understood, because the danger that Mao had foreseen before was against the dragon, but he could feel it too!
The reason for this is that he became the fish in the pond that was affected by the fire at the city gate!
Well, Wei Xiaobei was ready to scold his mother now.
The missiles that appeared were not only five in front, but also four on the sides, and their heights were not consistent!
/In other words, these nine missiles carrying nuclear warheads formed a semi-encirclement with different levels!
Although Wei Xiaobei has strong confidence in his current physical body, those are not nuclear reactors! It is a nuclear bomb that can raise the core temperature to tens of millions of degrees in an instant!
It can be said that once the nuclear bomb explodes, any material located in the central area will be vaporized!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to try this taste!
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei did not hesitate at all, and then quickly fell from a high altitude toward the sea!
Although this way of falling was not very comfortable, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t wait any longer.
The two dragons were still chasing the dragon ball, not paying attention to the nine flying missiles at all.
When one of the missiles approached them, a dragon even swiped its tail upwards in an attempt to drive away the troublemaker.
But at this moment, the safety device in the nuclear bomb opened.
In a thousandth of a second, the three pieces of pure uranium in the nuclear bomb were pushed together by the explosive gas after the explosion. In the next moment, the three pieces of pure uranium gathered together caused the chain reaction to reach its peak!
Nuclear fission reaction breaks out!
The tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature brought by the nuclear fission reaction causes a layer of thermonuclear material attached to the outside of the nuclear fission device to enter the nuclear fusion reaction!
The tens of millions of degrees produced by the nuclear fusion reaction directly sends the outermost layer of uranium-238 into the nuclear fission reaction!
These missiles launched by strategic bombers all carry three-phase warheads!
These three layers of nuclear material are interlocked one by one, causing continuous