height of the Abandonment Sutra.

The second city lord, Wat Xie, has nothing to say about this. Chickens grow on his face, and geoducks are cultivated into essence.
“Third brother, where have you been these days? You haven’t been here for a long time, and the wine in my brother’s glass has almost faded away.” Yibi complained, with happiness written all over his face.
Wat Xie poured wine aside and nodded in agreement, complaining that the third child did not regard brothers with different surnames as real brothers.
At first glance, they look like brothers and sisters, very harmonious.
In fact, Lu Bei was the brother who came to the door forcibly and conquered the two eldest brothers with his fists and kicks. When he was away, Nibi and Waxian were not to mention how happy they were.
“To be honest with you two brothers, my younger brother has been hanging out in the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons recently. He is just barely doing it. Thanks to the folks who don’t give up, I can say he has a successful career.”
Lu Bei picked up the wine glass with a bird-like smile on his face, which made Ni Bi and Wa Xie feel unsure.
As we all know, only when the leader is capable of both literary and military skills can a team maintain order and stability.
If the leader is a reckless man with more muscles than brains, the second-in-command must step up and take over the task of being the brains of the team.
Shituo City has this kind of configuration. The big city lord Nibi has a rough and impulsive personality, and often wants to do one thing in another. The second city lord Wat Xie looks like a rough man, but in fact he is as careful as hair. He is not only the brains of Shituo City, but also Nibi. His Majesty’s brake pads, without him busy wiping his butt, Shituo City would have been annexed by other cities long ago.
Seeing Lu Bei’s weird smile, Wa Xie felt a little creepy. He asked before his eldest brother Yi Bi could say anything: “Brother, please tell me, what achievements have you made in the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters?”
/“I can’t talk about achievement, I just make a living.”
/Lu Bei put down his wine glass and pointed at his bird face: “The two eldest brothers should know about my little brother’s heels.”
“That’s right, it’s the Golden-winged Dapeng!”
Lu Bei was not embarrassed at all. He put his head mysteriously, lowered his voice, and continued: “The Demon Emperor of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom is too dark. He is also a golden-winged roc. The two brothers might as well make some bold guesses about what the younger brother and the Demon Emperor are too dark.” relation.”
“Hiss, hiss”
Ni Si took a deep breath, spilled the wine in his glass, stood up and said, “Unexpectedly, it turns out that my virtuous brother and His Majesty the Demon Emperor are of the same race, and you are the biological brother of the Demon Emperor’s mother!”
Lu Bei:
That’s okay, it’s very close to the truth.
Nibi doesn’t have much brains and is completely reckless. It’s not difficult to understand why he has such specula