No matter how you fight in secret, you can fight. Once it is brought to the table, you must abide by the rules of the game.
Attacking a noble’s territory without any reason is strictly prohibited by the kingdom’s laws. If the rules can be trampled on at will, how can the small and medium-sized nobles feel safe?
Dadir City, or the ruins of Dadir. After carrying out simple repairs on the city with the help of the captured serfs, the Sith Baron finally had a place to stay.
Among the nobles from Northern Xinjiang who went south, the Sith were already doing best. Other nobles were still cleaning up the ruins of the castle, and he had already moved into the city lord’s mansion.
Especially with the merit of leading a group of northern Xinjiang nobles to launch a counterattack and take back the people, the reputation in the group is also rising.
There are many famous people, and trouble comes just after a few days of good times.
The lawsuit in the Governor’s Mansion is nothing, it’s just a matter of wrangling. Although I suffered a heavy loss, the actual loss was not large.
There were no serious consequences, it was just asking the boy involved to apologize and promise never to do it again. At most, the compensation is symbolic, just as a lesson.
Compared with the loss of face, the pragmatic northern Xinjiang nobles still pay more attention to their appearance.
“Dear Sith Baron, we are here to ask for your help. This day is really unbearable.
Shortly after the counterattack was launched, prices began to soar. I thought it was because of the tense situation that profiteers were deliberately driving up prices, but I didn’t expect that prices would soar even more after the war.
In short, the prices of all commodities are soaring. One price in the morning and another price in the afternoon.
I was arguing with those guys, but I didn’t expect that the profiteers didn’t give me any face at all. They just bought what they wanted and pulled me down if they didn’t. They also mocked me as a barbarian from northern Xinjiang.
Speaking of the latter part, this tough man almost cried.
It’s really a shame to bully the nobles. Such arrogant businessmen are rare in the entire continent of Aslant.
For nobles, face is as big as the sky. If they are both nobles, just exchange a few words. If mere merchants dare to cause trouble, it is because they suspect that the sword in their hands is not good.
Even if he doesn’t do anything openly, he will take revenge secretly. Most of those caravans that disappeared without explanation were the result of noble hands.
“What the Sith Baron and Knight Daeron said are all true. These merchants are too arrogant and don’t take us seriously at all.
/Not only are prices driven up, but the quality of the goods sold is also getting worse and worse.
In the past, profiteers would at most mix some old grain into new grain; now it is a miracle to find even a grain of new wheat among old grain.
“Justin Knight, please don’t embarrass the Sith Baron. We have all encountered this situation.
I can te