ry and try his luck. Maybe he will have corresponding confidence after becoming a high-sequence saint in this field.

Theoretically, it is possible. After all, when a ceremony is held, the body, mind, and spirit are in the most unified state, and it is easiest to communicate with the outside world. Klein, who is now barely considered an expert in occultism, whispered, holding the handkerchief and the parchment with the divination sentence written on it. , leaning back on the chair.
He quickly entered a meditative state and kept reciting “Jason Belial’s current location” silently.
/After seven times, Klein fell into a deep sleep and came to the dream world.
In the gray sky and earth, countless pictures flashed continuously, intermittent with each other, and extremely divergent.
/Soon, a picture became clear and filled Klein’s “vision”, making him seem to have entered that dream.
In the dream, the lights were dim, the desk was dark red, and a figure stood in front of the bay window, looking out at the garden.
There is a glass shed in the garden, in which roses bloom, bright red in the December cold.
The figure’s appearance was projected onto the window. He was a man of medium build, slightly curly brown hair, and cold brown eyes. He appeared to be in his thirties.
Am I not divining the location of Jason Belial? Who is this? It feels a bit familiar. Klein was confused for a while, but did not think about it and allowed his spirituality to continue to remain divergent, as if he was roaming in a mysterious world.
As soon as his confusion subsided, the man turned around and walked towards the corner of the room, where two rather large leather suitcases were placed.
The man squatted down and opened one of the boxes. Inside were neatly stacked stacks of banknotes and gold bars.
The exposed banknotes were all in 10-pound denomination, and the gold bars all exuded a charming brilliance.
The man took out something from the hidden pocket of the suitcase, and unfolded it with a flick of his hand.
This is a slightly pale human skin
Complete human skin
The man quickly took off his clothes and put the human skin on his body. In just ten seconds, he turned into Jason Beria, with tall cheekbones, blue eyes with gray, and neatly combed back hair.
At this point, the picture suddenly shattered, and Klein opened his eyes.
No wonder Jason dared to take risks. It turned out that for more than ten years, he had been wearing a human skin and his true appearance had never been revealed. He was worthy of being a calm and crazy demon. Klein couldn’t help but sigh.
Jason left his portrait in the house, which did not make Essinger and others suspicious, because the surrounding residents had seen him and knew what he looked like. Even without the portrait, with the official ability to organize Extraordinaries, It is enough to restore a picture, and the effect may even be more like a photo than a photo. Therefore, Jason has no need or motivation to destroy similar things. This is a very understandable thing.
Who knows, he also reser