rst. I’ll help you arrange dinner tonight. But it’s best not to drink. My brother is old and can’t stand it.”

rst. I’ll help you arrange dinner tonight. But it’s best not to drink. My brother is old and can’t stand it.”
Han Xuan has many houses.
Xueshan Real Estate Company occasionally helps him acquire properties with potential. Now he doesn’t know how many properties there are. If he adds the properties of his parents and other elders, it will be even more.
This building with a strong Korean style in Yongsan District, Seoul, is very interesting to him. It is difficult to find such a quiet place to live in a big city.
It combines modern architecture with Korea’s unique culture. It’s great as a temporary residence and has a lot of room for appreciation.
Walking out from the yard, you will see the lush forest of Nanshan. If you plant some chrysanthemums and build a fence, it will really be in line with Tao Yuanming’s saying, “Pick chrysanthemums under the east fence, and you can leisurely see Nanshan.”
Unfortunately, I don’t know whether Tao Yuanming could see Nanshan Tower or whether Han Xuan could see it at that time.
Others need to first weigh whether they have enough money and whether they will lose money, but he can buy it whenever he wants. It’s just that the long series of numbers on the account are slightly smaller, which is very boring.
After looking at the house, Lee Jae-yong asked him: “Do you need to make any changes? Samsung Group has the best decoration team in Korea. If you want to change the decoration style, I can help arrange it.”
“Don’t bother, let’s talk about it later. I won’t be able to stay in Korea for long this time, and I won’t be able to live in it if it’s renovated. And it’s good like this now. No changes are needed for the time being.”
Han Xuan opened the sliding door and put on his shoes Walking out of the room, he continued: “Where is Mr. Kim Namji? If possible, we can sign the contract now. He has been away for a long time.” ”
I’m afraid he is in more serious trouble.”
Lee Jae-yong was afraid that Han Xuan would be angry with him because of this. His friend left a bad impression, and then added: “All the procedures will be completed tomorrow, and you can live here at any time. If there is no one to take care of you, you can use my servant first. Anyway, we are only a hundred miles away.” Duomi, it’s very convenient.”
When I was going down the mountain, I saw Jin Nanzhi again.
The woman who was in the room just now was already lying at the door of Villa No. 12. Her originally thin clothes were now torn into beggar’s clothes.
If you didn’t know better, you would have thought that she was taking some kind of bikini photo. Unfortunately, the messy hair is not as attractive as the fair figure.
She was crying twitchingly, and the charming look she had just now was completely gone.
/Judging from Han Xuan’s experience, every time something like this happens, it is indispensable that the “house-keeping mythical beast tigress” is involved. This time it was Kim Nam-ji’s mother who did it.
A short, fat woman with the face of an aunt often seen in Korean dramas was pan