d flew towards the weak and limp Sharon.

Steve’s screams of pain gradually became smaller, and the “Crimson Moon Crown” accurately landed on Sharon.
Sharon’s figure immediately disappeared, and her blue eyes that had lost focus instantly regained their sparkle.
She clenched her right palm tightly and held the palm-sized ornament inlaid with a circle of dark rubies in her left hand, and her body floated.
The “Crimson Moon Crown” makes the holder immune to the effects of the full moon
Sharon is no longer weak
And in her spiritual state, she is not afraid of “biological toxins”
At this time, the living corpses and shadows gathered together again, snatching the Azik bronze whistle and master key that were strung together.
Klein didn’t pay attention, stretched out his left hand, raised his arm, and pointed there.
On the sunbird ornament on his chest, the dark gold luster flashed away, and a strong bright sacred light fell from the sky, covering the living corpses and shadows that were huddled together.
In the daylight, the transparent and strange shadows quickly melted and disappeared, while the pale and foul-smelling living corpses first emitted black smoke and then burned, like candles.
/When the daylight disappeared, there was almost nothing there, except for the ancient and exquisite Azik copper whistle and the simple-shaped skeleton key strung on the blackened ring, lying there quietly.
On the other side, Sharon ignored Maric, who was getting seriously injured under the attack of “Werewolf” Tyr. Instead, she relied on her weird jumping ability between mirror-like objects to reach the thin ice that Steve had used before. on, and then stepped out.
She stretched out her clenched right palm towards Steve, who was transforming into a monster, and suddenly opened it, aiming the palm at the enemy.
Endless brilliance burst out and quickly intertwined into the double bronze door covered with mysterious symbols and patterns.
In a voice that made people feel sour, the small black bonnet on Sharon’s head was blown off by the sudden strong wind, and her meticulously combed pale blond hair fell down messily.
It was obvious that it was quite difficult for her to use that magical item again.
A gap opened in the mysterious bronze door, and screams of laughter, cries, and shouts echoed layer by layer.
The arms that were either full of teeth or skinless stretched out and grabbed Steve, whose pustules were opening one after another.
The strange blue-black vines that highlighted the baby’s face and the slippery and illusory tentacles also entangled the Sequence 5 powerhouse one after another.
/Steve yelled again.
The pale yellow liquid flowing out of the pustule covered his whole body, which allowed him to barely resist the pulling.
A bright red slit opened on his face, and inside was a hole as dark as a tunnel.
At this time, Klein had raised his revolver and aimed at him.
Without delay or hesitation, with a disguise on his face and a half-high silk top hat, Klein calmly pulled the trigger.