turally requires a painful process.”

Chapter 427 A Different Retreat
In the fierce wind, the young man said this.
At this moment, a sharp shadow suddenly flashed out from behind Zhu Peng. A slender female cultivator holding a bunch of pure white lilies suddenly appeared behind Zhu Peng, and then she knelt down on one knee with a respectful expression. “Master Priest, Miss Master still refuses to accept your gift.” As she spoke, the female cultivator held the beautiful white lily in her hands. In this bloody era when there is no place for people to live, it is possible to have land to grow flowers and grass. , What a luxury it is. In the entire Qinwang Ridge and even the entire Earth Star, there are probably few places like the Blood Soul Ridge that can completely maintain the original style of the station as it was before the end.
Because of this, the originally ordinary flowers and plants gradually became cherished, not to mention the large beautiful white lily in the female cultivator’s hand, which was even more precious.
/He casually took the lily from the woman behind him. The delicate and pure white flowers danced in the sunshine and wind. Zhu Peng gave a gentle flick with an expressionless face. The next moment, purple flames burst into flames with a “Peng” sound. All the flowers were burned in the gentle yet blazing spiritual fire. “Don’t worry, she will accept it one day, and that day will never be far away.” With unfinished words, Zhu Peng raised his hand, and the gorgeous purple fire and white petals floated away at the same time. Turning around, Yuanci’s electric light flashed, and the next moment, Zhu Peng had left the tower.
It is also a retreat. The retreat method of a casual monk is definitely different from that of a sect leader. A casual monk with no roots, no industry, and no power to rely on will swallow a few more pills and build a few more temporary spiritual formations during retreat. It can be considered luxurious, but compared with Zhu Peng’s investment, it is simply unspeakably shabby. If you want to shorten the results of ten years of hard work of others to one year, or even achieve better results, it will naturally require tens of times or even more capital investment.
Walking into the core of the Xue Po Ridge’s enshrinement of Si Ziyuan’s Immortal Array, strong and rich spiritual light overflowed. If the places outside that were radiated by the spiritual light were only slightly purple, then the core of the Ziyuan Immortal Array’s core The concentration of purple gas here has reached the point where it is slightly viscous. Purple Fate Induces Immortals, the core of this formation is the true meaning of “Purple Fate Induces Immortals”. The strong purple energy accumulated over the past few years is collected from the essence of spiritual energy, the essence of the rising sun and the energy and blood essence of the radiation cultivators in the array. The three are gathered together, and the magical effect is so strong that it can attract the immortals from the upper world. This is the