, an indifferent figure appeared out of thin air above the confusion of time and space, with a majestic power flowing around his hazy figure. The large area of ??confusion in time and space seemed unable to withstand the pressure of his divine power, and the entire time and space was surrounded by divine light around him. Under the suppression, the rapidly passing power of time and space came to a standstill, and the shadows of huge concentric time and space rings appeared around it.

The entire space-time puzzle was forcibly suppressed by this terrifying force.
This change makes Qingyao Fairy’s beauty pale.
Such magnificent divine power was simply beyond imagination. She just glanced at it and felt like an ant, about to be crushed to pieces by this magnificent divine light at any time.
“Junior, Donghua Realm Chunyang Immortal Sect, Jiuyang Peak Qingyao pays my respects to senior!”
She quickly kowtowed.
Zhang Jian looked at the enchanting girl in green in front of him with interest.
He had dealt with this green-robed enchanting cultivator girl before, but because he recognized traces of orthodox immortality on her body, he didn’t take action last time.
I never thought that I would meet each other again this time.
/However, after hearing her self-report, Zhang Jian had no impression of Chunyang Immortal Sect in Donghua Realm.
But Zhang Jian had no intention of embarrassing her.
Just said lightly.
“Chunyang Immortal Sect? No impression!”
He looked at the female cultivator in green, and her figure turned into a stream of light and flew towards the depths of the confusion of time and space.
He was just passing by and saw the other party stopping by. Other than that, he had no other thoughts.
As that magnificent divine light left, the surrounding space-time confusion was suddenly shattered, allowing Fairy Qing Yao to escape from the trap.
Qingyao Fairy seemed to be frightened at this time, and her heart was still beating at this time.
The terrifying power just looked at her a few times, but it seemed as if she had been crushed to death countless times.
The wisps of Qi released were enough to overturn the confusion of time and space. She could not imagine what a powerful man he was.
For such a powerful person, Qingyao Fairy wished she could become an ostrich, she just hoped that the other party would not notice her ‘little transparency’!
“It’s better to leave here quickly, there is such a terrifying god in Zhoushan Realm!”
Fairy Qing Yao glanced at the relics of the Eastern Emperor deep in the confusion of time and space, and ignored the relics of the Eastern Emperor.
It happened that the time and space mystery here had been broken by the other party, so she saved herself from struggling, and her body turned into a blue divine light and hurriedly flew towards the outside world.
In the distance, Zhang Jian had already seen the shadow of the Eastern Emperor’s relics reflected in Yuanshen’s Taoist Heart.
/It was a huge divine city located in the center of the space-time storm.
At this time, a long stairc