would have known she was a daughter.

would have known she was a daughter.
/Nowadays, boys and girls are the same. The burden of giving birth to a girl will be lighter in the future. The parents-in-law may feel a little disappointed. How does Wang Yan feel? The flesh she has shed cannot have the kind of mentality that favors boys over girls.
Han Bo made fun of the child, but the child didn’t laugh. Wang Yan laughed, and her branches trembled with laughter.
It is best to take care of the child at this time, sleep when he is full, and eat when he wakes up. As long as her conditions are met and he does not cry at all, the little guy actually fell asleep again after shaking for a few times.
Han Bo carefully handed it to her grandma and asked puzzledly: “Wearing a police uniform, do you plan to go to work today?”
Wang Yan said with a bit of embarrassment, frustration and guilt: “I, I don’t have enough milk.” , no matter how much soup I drink, I can only feed milk powder. I have been weaned for two days, what is the difference between sitting here and sitting in the office, and it is not like others who are far away from the work.”
The police station is her home, and her home is at the police station, she thought. I guess there is no difference.
Just when he didn’t know what to say, Director Zhu, accompanied by detention center police officer Wang Xiaoyun, walked in with a smile and two large bags of nutritional supplements in his hands. She went out early in the morning, thinking she wanted to walk around and get familiar with the environment, but it turned out that she was going to the market to buy gifts.
The director of the Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking Office came to visit and brought some things.
Wang Yan was flattered and hurriedly asked the leader to sit down.
The three women had a scene, and the fight became heated in a short time, and the relationship between superior and subordinate was gone. Han Bo couldn’t get a word in, so he simply found an excuse and ran away.
They didn’t talk for long either.
At 7:45, Secretary Jiao, Mayor Chen, Chairman Qian of the National People’s Congress, Zhou Zhengfa, and Chairman Xu of the Women’s Federation all came to see Director Zhu, the “god of wealth.”
As soon as they were introduced one by one, Director Zhang, Political Commissar Yuan, Deputy Director Shi, Deputy Director Jiang, Director Ji of the Political Department, Captain of the Criminal Police Brigade, Captain of the Public Security Brigade, Captain of the Traffic Police Brigade, almost all the people with some status in the Sigang County Public Security Bureau arrived.
There are so many more introductions to make, so I’m overwhelmed.
“Bureau Zhang, Political Commissar Yuan, everyone, I’m here to investigate. Why did you put down your work and come here? This is not good, the impact is bad, really, you made me very embarrassed.” The comrade of Sigang County Bureau said too Enthusiasm, Zhu Huifang was very anxious.
“Director Zhu, please don’t think too much. We are here for something, not just to welcome you to our Sigang