es, and some dogs turned from Hachi to Hachiko!”

“I prefer to call it Hachi, but it deserves the praise of ‘Hachiko’.”
Word of mouth is brewing, and more tear gas is ready to go!
No film critic, no matter how experienced he is, is immune to this torrent of sadness.
It’s just that these people’s film reviews are longer and they need to sort out the words they recorded during their time of light and shadow, so they publish them later.
/It’s half past four in the morning.
It was already dawning.
Film critic Han Jiajia finally released her review.
The title of the film review is Just Telling You to Learn to Cherish it.
At the beginning of the film review, Han Jiajia told her own story.
Later she mentioned the content of “Hachiko”:
“Xianyu’s movie reminds me of the dog who went on a hunger strike for my grandfather. I mentioned this story because I want to tell everyone that the story of “Hachi the Loyal Dog” may not be beautification and fabrication by the screenwriter through artistic processing. Please believe that Hachi has the ability to Such loyalty and perseverance, even if the cost is ten years. In fact, I also had the idea of ​​raising a dog later. Although I failed to realize it, I learned more and more about dogs in the process. For example, the IQ of adult dogs is roughly the same. For a four-year-old human child, the average lifespan of a dog, for example, is just over ten years. This is the reason why I did not get a dog in the end. For you, this dog may only accompany you for a certain period of time in your life, but for you For dogs, it means their entire lives.”
Finally, Han Jiajia commented on the quality of the movie:
“I originally wanted to say that aside from the ten-year wait for Xiaoba’s touching heart, from the perspective of a professional film critic, the setting of this movie is actually very simple. There are no clever metaphorical literary scenes, and there are not many It has a strong personal style of the screenwriter or director, and there are no earth-shattering twists or brain-burning. But I am unwilling to write such a conclusion, because the essence of the movie is to tell a story. Whether the story is told well or not cannot be ignored by using professional vocabulary. Instead of using arcane terminology and esoteric terminology as evaluation criteria, we should look straight into our hearts. Questions about whether a movie is good or not only require one answer: Do you like this movie?”
Han Jiajia did not give an answer.
But she gave the movie a 9.3, and that was her answer.
As a result, not long after this movie review was published, there were many more comments.
It’s hard to imagine that many people would read this late review at 4:30 in the morning.
“I must watch the movie recommended by Teacher Jiajia.”
“Of all animals, dogs are truly the most loyal to humans. I have to watch this movie.”
“I like a sentence in the movie review. A dog means a short companionship to you, but you mean a lifetime to the dog.”
/“So, what on earth was I thinking when